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Only one (1) contest entry per person, per contest. 
“Contestants must be over 18 years of age. Under 18 contestants may participate with the consent of their parent(s) and/or guardian(s) as ID representation is mandatory.
Keep your email address current. If we cannot get ahold of you by email, you forfeit your winner's status.

Contest Deadlines
Each contest has its own deadline. 
All entries must be submitted on or before midnight on the date set forth as the deadline for each specific contest.

Winner Selection and Notification
All winners will be notified only or on website.
The decisions made by the judges regarding each contest are based on an unbiased balloting and shall be final and binding.

Winner Disqualification
If a winner cannot be reached after a reasonable amount of effort has been made to notify the winner of the prize, the winner forfeits his/her rights to the winning prize. 

General Conditions

1.  All taxes on any prize won are the sole responsibility of each winner, including, without limitation, any federal, state, or local taxes, which may be deemed
     applicable in such winner's jurisdiction of residence. 
2.  The PCB® reserves the right to cancel contests at any time.
3.  The PCB® reserves the right to modify the contest rules at any given time, including the extension of deadlines. 
4.  Contestants agree that the sole and final judgment as to all matters concerning contests and interpretation of contest rules are at the sole discretion of PCB®.

The PCB is not liable or responsible:

1.  For any claims, damages, losses, injuries, or death including any third party claims, arising from or relating to, in whole or in part, any contest, including entry and participation
     in any contest and acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the prizes;
2.  Any technical or human errors, malfunctions, failures, etc. resulting in participation of contests;
3.  Prizes that are lost in the mail, arrive damage, are defective, or have other unforeseen problems;
4.  Substituting another prize in lieu of the original prize