1. Accreditation Process

There are two parts to the process:

i. the issuing of the accreditation pass; and.
ii. the control of accreditation inside the venue.

2. Order and Safety

o The person in possession of the pass must ensure that their pass is visible at all times.
o Each pass indicates the zones which the person is allowed to access.
o A pass does not grant any right to seating inside the stadium.
o Stewards and security staff are, responsible for checking passes are always allowed to ask for accreditation, which the accredited person is obliged to show.
o An individual that cannot show a valid accreditation may be denied access or immediately removed from the premises.

3. Complaints

o Complaints' regarding the accreditation need to be indicated within a week after an incident has occurred. This needs to be done in person and in writing to the issuer.

4. Accreditation Request Procedure Description

o To apply for accreditation the individual must fill out the required media accreditation form, along with 2 passport photos, a visa and passport copy. All of the documents must be returned either via email, courier, or in person to Dubai Sports City Head Office.
o All accreditation documents must be received by the deadline on 20th August 2012 in order for the approval process to begin.
o By signing for reception of the pass the accredited person accepts these terms and conditions.
o The contact person for media accreditation requests at Dubai Sports City is the venue's Media Manager Brian Murgatroyd.
o The company reserves the right to cancel requests for accreditation at any given moment and without having to give any reason.
o The accredited person accepts beforehand any changes made to the general terms and conditions of the process.

5. Allocation of Accreditation Procedure Description

o All accreditation forms will be analysed by the PCB after which a decision will be made regarding approval or rejection of the accreditation request.
o With the approval of accreditation an agreement is made between the applicant and venues. Each applicant declares to accept the general conditions connected to this agreement by accepting the accreditation.
o Once an applicant has been approved by the PCB their media accreditation pass will be printed and they will receive email confirmation with details of how, when and where they can collect their pass.
o The zoning of the stadium in which the accredited person is allowed will be marked on their pass as proof that they have functional access to certain areas of each venue.
o For each individual only one pass is issued. Changes made to the pass, unless performed by the venues, will make it invalid. In that case a venue (Abu Dhabi or Dubai) is allowed to cancel the accreditation, without the need to give further explanation.
o Passes may only be collected in person and a signature is required to prove the issue of the accreditation.

6. Types of Passes

Venue Pass
Photo pass for staff/media working solely at one venue e.g. local broadcast technicians, photographic runners, supplier staff, local journalists/photographers. This type of pass will be marked 'Venue Pass'. For those personnel working at more than one venue, a Series Pass will be issued.

7. Zones of Accreditation

1. Zone One: Field of play
2. Zone Two: VOC Venue Operations Centre
3. Zone Three: Media Areas
4. Zone Four: Right holders area (Broadcaster areas etc)
5. Zone Five: North East and West Stand and all other circulation areas between the stadium and the perimeter fences
6. Zone Six: Players and Match Officials Area
a. Dressing rooms
b. External match viewing areas
c. TV/Third Umpire room
d. Match Referee's room
e. Player's and Match Officials' Dining Areas
7. Zone Seven: Hospitality
8. Zone Eight: Royal Box
9. Zone Nine: Event Office

8. Sub Accreditation Levels

Certain categories of personnel will be issued as sub-accreditation to obtain access to restricted areas in order to perform their duties. These are produced so that access to these areas is restricted and not given as default zones.

The following devices will be used:
o Bibs - for accredited photographers and cameramen, to be worn to gain access to the field of play, as appropriate and/or as directed by a venue official.
o Vehicle Access Passes - Deliveries should be made prior to venue 'lockdown' except in exceptional cases and for pre-selected companies for which delivery on match-day is deemed essential. In all these instances Vehicle Access Passes will be issued. Vehicle passes are match-day specific, contain a security hologram and colours of passes alternate to discourage multiple use.

9. Accreditation Pass to Include:

o Photo
o Name of the event
o Zones
o Date and year of the event
o Logos of series and/or venue and PCB
o DSC/Police seal

10. Accreditation Applications Categories

o Security and Police
o Transport
o Stadium Management
o Medical
o Cleaning & Waste Management
o Catering
o Volunteers
o Cricket Operations
o Event Management
o Ticketing
o Merchandising
o VIP & Protocol
o Cricket Hospitality
o Media and Press
o All Rights Holders like broadcasters etc

11. Accreditation Forms : Attached

12. Pass Types, Authorisers and default zones

o In the case of Dubai Sports City, all staff passes to be approved by head of departments of their areas and will require subsequent approval from Maqbul Dudhia and/or Zahid Noorani and the ICC's ASCU.

13. Collection Points, Opening times and Contact details

o Dubai Sports City Head Office
o Brian Murgatroyd Media Manager
o +971 55 557 2531

14. Accreditation Deadline

All accreditation forms to be submitted by 20th August 2012