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Press Release From Anti Corruption Tribunal - Mr. Sharjeel Khan

Lahore May 5, 2017: The Anti-Corruption Tribunal held its hearing today at the National Cricket Academy, Lahore and the following were in attendance:

1. Jus. (R) Asghar Haider (Chairman)

2. Lt. Gen. (R) Tauqir Zia (Member)

3. Mr. Wasim Bari (Member)

4. Mr. Sharjeel Khan, along with Mr. Shaigan Ejaz, Advocate

5. Mr. Taffazul Rizvi and Mr. Haider Ali Khan Advocates for PCB

6. Mr. Salman Naseer, GM Legal Affairs PCB

7. Col. (R) Mohammad Azam Khan, Head of PCB’s Vigilance and Security Department

At the hearing, Mr. Sharjeel Khan’s Counsel, Mr. Shaigan Ejaz requested that better copies of certain pages PCB’s Opening Brief be provided. Upon directions of the Tribunal, the same were provided by PCB and Mr. Sharjeel Khan was given till 10th May 2017 to file his Answering Brief. Thereafter, PCB shall have the option of filing a Reply Brief, if it deems necessary by 13th May 2017.