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  • 1.   PREAMBLE:

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the sole regulatory authority to manage and control the affairs of the game of cricket in Pakistan is   conscious of the fact that cricket is the most popular game in Pakistan due to which individuals and entities are actively trying to organize private cricket tournaments. PCB being a full member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) is under obligation to follow the rules formulated by ICC. Further PCB as the sole regulator of all forms of the game of cricket in Pakistan is duty bound to ensure that the laws of cricket as formulated from time to time by ICC as well as PCB itself are followed in true spirits wherever cricket is played in Pakistan. Accordingly, in pursuance of the ICC Rules relating to the Disapproved Cricket, these Rules are hereby formulated as follows: 


These rules may be called PCB Rules for Private Cricket Events, 2012 and shall apply to all tournaments organized privately wherein any club team, cricket association team, department/service organization team, registered player, match official, coach or player support personnel or any individual or organization affiliated with PCB participates. 


Unless the context otherwise provides; 

i) “Board” or “PCB” where used means the Pakistan Cricket Board.

ii) “Chairman” means Chairman of the Board.

iii) “Chief Operating Officer” or “COO” means the person appointed as COO or any other person designated by the Chairman as COO

iv) “Cricket event” means and include cricket tournament or match in any format of the game of cricket.

v) “Director Domestic Cricket” means the director domestic cricket of PCB or a person authorized by PCB to act in the said capacity.

vi) “Director International Cricket” means the person appointed to act in the said capacity by the Board.

vii) “Disapproved Cricket” means the cricket event being held without obtaining NOC or in violation of NOC granted by TEC, and includes tournament(s) or match(es).

viii) “Domestic Cricket” means the cricket tournament(s) or match(es) in any format of the game happening in the territory of Pakistan.

ix) “Manager Legal” means the person appointed in the said capacity by the Board.

x)  “No Objection Certificate or NOC” means NOC issued by the Tournament Evaluation Committee established by PCB under these rules.

xi) “Private cricket event” means a cricket event organized and conducted by a private organizer including any person or entity which does not have any affiliation with the Board in any manner whatsoever. The terms “Private tournament(s)” or “Private match(es)” shall be construed in a similar fashion. 

xii) “Registered match official” includes the match umpire and referee and means the person performing functions in the said capacity(ies) in any match conducted by PCB or any cricket association, club, department or service organization affiliated with PCB.

xiii) “Registered player support personnel” means any player support personnel performing functions in the said capacity in any match organized or conducted by PCB, or any cricket association, club, department or service organization affiliated with PCB.

xiv) “Registered player” means the player registered with PCB, or any cricket association, club department or service organization affiliated with PCB.

xv) “Tournament Evaluation Committee or TEC” means the committee constituted under these Rules by PCB for grant of NOC to the private organizer of cricket events. 

For the meaning of any term not defined hereunder, the Constitution of Pakistan Cricket Board or codes and rules formulated thereunder shall be referred to. 


Immediately upon formulation and approval of these Rules by the competent authority, Chairman PCB shall constitute the Tournament Evaluation Committee which shall comprise of; 

i) Director Domestic Cricket

ii) Director International Cricket

iii) Manager Legal 


In order for any private organizer wishing to hold any cricket event in Pakistan, it/they shall be required to obtain NOC from the Tournament Evaluation Committee for which the procedure as provided below shall be followed: 

i) An application in the name of TEC shall be filed at the Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore, not less than 60 days prior to holding of such cricket event.

ii) The applicant shall provide along with application the documentation relating to the proposed cricket event which includes; 

  •  I. Dates and times of the proposed event;
  •  II. Format of the proposed event;
  •  III. No. of matches taking place in the proposed event;
  •  IV. Names of teams, match officials, and players participating;
  •  V. How the proposed cricket event satisfies the criteria laid down in Article 7 infra;
  •  VI. The purpose of organizing the cricket event;
  •  VII. The details of sponsors and broadcasters (if any); and
  •  VIII. Proposed venues to be used. 

iii) an affidavit of the applicant affirming and declaring that he/they shall abide by the PCB’s playing conditions, PCB Rules including the PCB’s Anti-Corruption Code for Players and Player Support Personnel and any other applicable rules formulated by PCB from time to time;

iv) The applicant shall be bound to provide any other information as required by TEC in order to process the application and grant NOC.

v) In case TEC is satisfied with regard to modalities of the proposed cricketing event, it shall issue NOC to the applicant within 15 days of the filing of application. In any other case, the TEC shall communicate its objection in the said 15 days to the applicant.

vi) Where TEC requires the applicant to remove any objection, it/they shall do the needful within 15 days from the date of issuance of objections and revert to PCB.

vii) After removal of objections by the applicant, TEC shall either issue NOC, which may be conditional (in which case the condition shall be fulfilled by the applicant), or communicate its order of rejection stating reasons in writing to the applicant within 15 days.

viii) Where PCB has a reason to believe that the organizer of private cricket even is in violation of the terms and conditions of the  NOC, PCB may immediately withdraw the NOC by stating reasons in writing. In addition to withdrawing the NOC, PCB may also impose penalty as provided under these Rules.


Where the applicant is aggrieved of the decision of TEC or any condition imposed while granting NOC or withdrawal of NOC, it/they may file an appeal to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of PCB within seven days from the date of Order of TEC. The COO shall give hearing to the applicant and decide the appeal within 15 days of filing thereof in writing. 


The following factors inter alia may be considered by TEC at the time of grant of NOC to any applicant. It is hereby expressly provided that the list provided below is not exhaustive and TEC shall be at liberty to consider any other factor or event subsisting at the relevant point in time.

a. The extent to which the proposed private cricket event may be accommodated to the calendar of international and domestic events without having any conflict or compromise with (i) matches or events already scheduled in the calendar, and/or (ii) agreements to which the PCB or ICC is a party.

b. Fair and equitable allocation of calendar space among different events and matches simultaneously safe guarding PCB’s commercial interest. 

c. The role of the proposed private cricket event in the promotion and development of the sport, or any other charitable or benevolent purpose.

d. Effect on the health of players including but not limited to prevention of overplaying (players must have adequate time to rest and recuperate, as well as train between matches).

e. Safety, suitability and security of the venue(s) intended to be used for the proposed private cricket event.

f. Effectiveness of measures taken by the private organizers for prevention  of corrupt practices regarding the proposed cricket event.

g. Status of players participating in the proposed private cricket event i.e. whether they are facing disciplinary actions or serving any penalty including ban of any duration;

h. The ICC regulations regarding Disapproved Cricket;

i. Any other factor deemed necessary to consider at the material time. 


If the applicant is aggrieved of the decision of COO, it/they may file an appeal under paragraph 35 of the Constitution of PCB and PCB rules governing such appeals shall be followed 

  • 9.   PENALTIES:

i) Any cricket event held without obtaining NOC from the Tournament Evaluation Committee shall be considered as disapproved cricket.

ii) The team(s) of any club, cricket association, department/service organization, or any registered player(s), match official(s), coach(es) or player support personnel participating in disapproved cricket may be declared as ineligible for selection, participation in any team/tournaments organized at any level by PCB or bodies operating under the auspices of PCB or affiliated with PCB for not less than 02 years. Provided that for the purpose of imposing penalties, the applicable rules of PCB shall be followed. 


i. Any private organizer to whom NOC is granted by TEC, shall be under an obligation to abide by the applicable Playing Conditions/rules for domestic events and PCB’s Code of Anti-Corruption or any other rules as formulated by PCB from time to time. For the sake of clarity, it is expressly provided that it shall be the sole responsibility of such private organizers and participants to acquaint themselves of applicable rules and code(s). 

ii. PCB may send its representatives to attend any such cricket event in respect of which NOC has been granted by TEC to ensure that the applicable conditions, rules and the code as aforesaid is being followed in letter and spirit. 

iii. The role of PCB shall only be limited to approval/disapproval of an event. There will be no financial, material or moral support by PCB for Private cricket events.