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Election Results of Lahore East & West Zones

Election Results of Lahore East & West Zones

Lahore April 18, 2014: The Election of East, West & North Zone held on 29th November 2013 are announced today at PCB headquarter Gaddafi Stadium Lahore by Mr. Ahmad Shahzad Farooq Rana, Election Commissioner PCB after the disposal of Writ Petition by Honorbale Lahore High Court Lahore. The results were announced in the presence of the contesting candidates.

Return candidates of East & West Zone are notified and announced officially, whereas, the result of North Zone is not announced officially and its return candidates would be notified after the determination of status of Shahdara Cricket Club, North Zone Lahore.

Following are notified office bearers of respective Zones:-

East Zone

a. Mr. Sharaiz Abdullah Khan - President

b. Mr. Ahmad Ayaz Khan - Secretary

c. Mr. Ghulam Abbas - Treasurer

West Zone

a. Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed - President

b. Mr. Mansoor Hayat Khan - Secretary

c. Mr. Muhammad Aslam - Treasurer