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Everlasting Skills for Sure-Shot Cricket

The highly intensive and effective program offers a well-rounded & customized syllabus, which is taught under the vigilant supervision of well trained coaches and leading Pakistani National Cricketers. This level of training provides invaluable insight into the professional aspects of playing world-class cricket. Training methods and techniques are primed to ensure results, while providing players with skills and techniques that will last them a lifetime and get them on their way to playing at the highest international levels. The areas that players are exposed to for furthering their personal & professional development include:

  • Systematic & Progressive Coaching Techniques
  • Comprehensive Physical & Mental Skill Development
  • Regularly Scheduled Trial Matches / Situational Exercises
  • Teamwork & Leadership Skills Development
  • Media Interaction Forums
  • Mannerism & Etiquette
  • Diet Control
  • Social Skills & Confidence Building
  • Spoken English & Communication Skills
  • Time Management & Personal Discipline
  • Supplementary Exciting Recreational Activities

The training program has been mainly divided into following four segments:

  • Coaching
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Physical Training
  • Education