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The PCB Hall of Fame was launched in April 2021 following the Board of Governors approval during its 62nd meeting with the sole objective being to honour and celebrate the achievements of some of the greatest cricketers produced by this proud country as well as to preserve Pakistan cricket history.

The initial inductees are six members of the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame – Hanif Mohammad, Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and Zaheer Abbas –  who will be joined by two new members each year selected by an independent Voting Panel (process below).

The inductees, either unanimously or through most votes, will be announced each year on 16 October – the day Pakistan took the field for their debut Test – with formal inductions taking place along with the PCB Award winners, either in a PCB Gala Dinner or at an Event.


Initially, six ICC Cricket Hall of Famers, along with two new members, will be inducted into the PCB Hall of Fame.

Thereafter, two members will be added each year.

Players with an impeccable career who had a positive impact on Pakistan and international cricket, in addition to their outstanding statistical records, will be considered for induction.

Inductees must be retired from international cricket for, at least, five years.

ICC Cricket Hall of Fame inductees will be automatically inducted into the PCB Hall of Fame.


Each member of the independent panel will provide his/her nominations directly to the designated person at the PCB. All nominations will be kept confidential.

To keep the process transparent, an internal auditor will oversee the voting process and confirm inductees.

To ensure transparency and avoid conflict of interest, no member of the PCB management will be part of the independent panel.