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PCB Women’s Wing


  • To maintain Pakistan’s position as the premier producer of world class women cricketers.
  • To maintain Pakistan women’s team’s ranking among the top teams of the world. 

Core Operational Areas

  • Domestic
  • International
  • Game Development
    Grassroots development
    Technical development
    Infrastructure development

Since the establishment of Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) Women’s Wing in 2005, the game of cricket among women has improved in leaps and bounds and as a result of PCB’s full and all-out support for the establishment and promotion of women’s cricket, Pakistan women’s team has made great progress at the international level.

Pakistan Cricket Board has been looking after the welfare of women cricketers since its establishment by providing them with all facilities.

PCB has extended its full support toward the development of women’s cricket in Pakistan. During the last twelve years, the standards have improved and now the game is recognized at par with men’s level.

Steps taken by the PCB for women’s cricket:

  • Annually, the PCB spends a budget of approximately Rs 227 million for the promotion and development of the game (both at Domestic & International level)
  • In order to improve the quality of cricket at domestic level, many departmental teams are currently engaged in playing at domestic level. The departments have also given contracts to women players, which is a great incentive. Currently, four departments play in the domestic cricket circuit:
  1. Higher Education Commission
  2. Pakistan Education Board
  3. Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited.
  4. State Bank of Pakistan
  • 3 Exclusive practice facilities for women are already being used by women cricketers in the underdeveloped areas, i.e. Multan, Peshawar and Quetta which have been highly beneficial to players. In addition PCB is in process of establishing 5 Academy’s in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Abbottabad and Rawalpindi/ Islamabad. These Academies will be equipped with all the allied facilities and will be run by a professional set up in order to train women cricketers as per International standards. Furthermore the staff at the 5 mentioned Academies will also be helping in exploring talent of nearby regions.
  • In order to improve the standing of the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team, the PCB has been arranging two to three international tours annually, which has helped immensely in improving the overall performance of the team.
  • PCB is planning to arrange more tours of the Pakistan A Team in order to further improve the game of emerging players and prepare them to play at International level. In addition it will help to increase the back up for the National Team.


  • PCB has approached a lot of departments to come forward and form their women’s teams for the improvement of women’s cricket.
  • PCB as appreciation has started a welfare scheme for retired women cricketers who have represented Pakistan and is compensating them for their services to women cricket.
  • There are 15 girls currently on the central contract list of PCB on a yearly basis as per the following categories.


  • A Category
  • B Category
  • C Category
  • D or Stipend Category
  • A system of compensation for women players has also been introduced as a match fee.
  • Players are given a match fee for both ODI & T20 games.
  • All medical facilities are provided to the contracted players free of cost.