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PCB Pathway Cricket Programme

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)’s mission is to inspire and unite the nation by steering the relentless passion for cricket present amongst the Pakistani youth and providing equal playing opportunities to all so as to ensure that our teams become one of the highest performing teams in the world.

In order to create a long term sustainable process, it is essential that we continue to tap into, stimulate and motivate the youth’s passion and talent for cricket whilst focusing on a bottom up approach towards participation and making attempts to bridge the wide divide between the pathways to Pakistan cricket team journey in an aspiring young cricketer’s life. To do this, it is important to create pathways from entry level programmes, schools and clubs to representative competitions leading up to the national team – the ultimate goal of a cricket playing child.

The PCB is dedicated to make the game of cricket in Pakistan all-inclusive and accessible to players from all backgrounds and we feel that the overarching Pathway Cricket Programme will play an important role in ensuring that raw talent from even the remotest and less-privileged of areas in Pakistan reaches its full potential.

Not only will the young players be taught basic cricketing skills since an early age but the simultaneous focus on their education will help them become well-rounded and responsible individuals as well.

In line with this mission and as part of the grassroots and pathways framework developed by the PCB, it is crucial that a clear and definitive roadmap be set for youngsters and in this regard, the PCB has awarded ‘Pathway Junior Contracts’ to 100 of the brightest young players of 11, 14, 16 and 19 year categories across Pakistan. These players are not only being provided a monthly stipend but full academic scholarships enabling them to become wholesome individuals.

In the initial phase, by developing a tracker for the best 100 of such aspirants, their progress will be effectively managed and monitored as well.

The Pathway Cricket Programme targets identification and fine tuning of natural talent; construction and development of specific skills; enhancement of cricketing awareness; and improvement of overall performance enabling players to succeed at the highest levels.

The Pathway Junior Contracts will streamline the transition of young cricketers into high performing sportspeople under the supervision of renowned high performance coaches specializing in the fields of fast bowling, spin bowling, batting and power hitting as well as the incredibly important physical and mental fitness.

When children pick up a bat and a ball, we want them to know that they can follow their dreams. Our commitment is to do everything in our power to support them on this journey and make their dreams a reality. The Pathway Cricket Programme will not just highlight a young players journey from cradle to crescent but will also help in triggering the sustainability of school cricket which will consequently open up the supply chain of cricketing talent in the country and also increasing the talent pools for junior cricket leagues and tournaments.