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ICC may change D/L method rule

MUMBAI - An Indian engineer, V Jayadevan has been invited by the International Cricket Council (ICC) to make presentation for his newly devised system for the rain affected matches, it is learnt here.

That he would represent the new system as against the present D/L was first reported recently by this correspondent.

"I am excited and thrilled over ICC invitation for a presentation at Hong Kong on 27th June 2011", he confirmed from his Trissur home (Kerala State). "I shall try to convince the ICC panel about the advantages of my system", he further added.

Explaining about his new system, VJD, he says, "It is built around two separate curves. The first curve suggests the "normal" run getting pattern; i.e., when there is no interruption and the batting side is expecting to play its full quota of overs. The second target curve proposes how the batting side should expedite the scoring pattern after an interruption".

The first curve takes into account both the percentage of overs played and the percentage of wickets lost.

The second curve, which is used to set revised targets, only considers the percentage of overs played.

The 37-year-old, Kaladi, Kerala-born, V Jayadevan, has played the game for his State team. He also passed umpiring examinations in the year