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In view of the prevailing state of affairs of PCB with regard to its Constitution

Lahore: 15th October 2013. In view of the prevailing state of affairs of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) with regard to its Constitution, the directions given by the Honorable Islamabad High Court concerning PCB and the pending Intra-Court Appeal in Islamabad High Court, the Patron of PCB i.e., the Prime Minister of Pakistan has been pleased to direct the following:

1.Paragraph Section 41 of the PCB Constitution has been amended and under the said paragraph the Board has been superseded. An Interim Management Committee (IMC) has been constituted to ensure that PCB remains enabled to continue to perform day-to-day domestic and international functions for the promotion of the game and in line with the directions of the Court. The members of the IMC are:

Mr. Najam Sethi
Mr. Shaharyar M. Khan (former PCB chairman)
Mr. Zaheer Abbas (former Test Cricketer)
Mr. Haroon Rasheed (former Test Cricketer)
Mr. Naveed Cheema (former Pakistan Team Manager)

2.The IMC was directed to elect one of its member as Chairman. Since ICC Board meetings are scheduled on 18th and 19th October in London, therefore the Committee immediately unanimously decided to elect Mr. Najam Sethi as its Chairman.

3.Supersession of the Board shall remain in force for a period of not more than ninety days unless extended by the Patron.