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Miandad urges players to improve fielding

LAHORE, March 7: Legendary batsman Javed Miandad has urged Pakistan players to show improvement in their fielding with extra individual efforts as they are going to meet New Zealand in a crucial match of the World Cup on Tuesday.

“No doubt, the match is crucial against New Zealand and a win in it will raise the morale of the Pakistan team before meeting defending champions Australia, but to beat New Zealand our players should show improved performance in the fielding department,” he said.

“With the grace of God, we are unbeaten in the first three matches of the World Cup and that is a great opportunity which should be cashed in the remaining matches, too,” he said.

Miandad, whose world record of playing six World Cups in a row, was equalised by Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar in this tournament, said that with improved fielding and control on extras, the Pakistan team could save 40 to 50 valuable runs, which could play a main role for the win.

He said no coach could hone the skill of a player in fielding department at this level as it was the responsibility of the individual to take interest.

“They must know at this level how to dive, how to stop a ball and how to pick it and how to through it as all is possible if an individual takes interest,” he said.

He advised the openers, who have been failed in the first three matches, to try to play the first 10 to 12 overs, without losing their wickets.

“It is the prime job of the openers to rough the ball till the first 10 to 12 overs and then it is the duty of the middle-order batsmen to stay till the 40th over, before handing over the crease to the sloggers,” he said.

He said Pakistan could beat New Zealand to stay at the top of the pool.