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Results of ICC Chief Executives Committee meeting on Bangladesh Proposed Tour of Pakistan

The ICC Chief Executives’ Committee (CEC) met in Dubai over the past two days. Among other agenda items, Bangladesh tour of Pakistan was discussed and the decisions or recommendations made to the ICC Board in this regard are:

The CEC recognised that the ICC Board had determined that a decision as to whether a particular tour should take place or not is one for the participating countries and the ICC’s role was limited to considering the safety and security of the match officials after a tour had been confirmed and a security plan produced.

The CEC also noted that in the event of the participating countries deciding that the tour should proceed and the ICC determining that it was unsafe to appoint match officials to the tour, a special dispensation to depart from the Standard Playing Conditions to allow non-neutral match officials to participate in the matches would be required from the ICC Board.

While acknowledging that the granting of such dispensation must involve a wide range of important considerations, the CEC agreed to recommend to the ICC Board that, from a cricket perspective only, the granting of the special dispensation would be justified.

Haroon Lorgat, the ICC Chief Executive, said: “Bearing in mind that safety and security is the sole responsibility of individual Member Board’s for bilateral matches, the CEC regarded this as an exceptional circumstance in which the appointment to matches of non-neutral match officials could be justified but stated clearly that it should not to be regarded as a preferred option or precedent if the dispensation were to be granted.”

The CEC comprises the Chief Executives or nominated representatives of the 10 Full Member nations as well as three Associate Member representatives. The ICC Chief Executive chairs the meeting and, by invitation, the ICC President or the ICC Vice President may attend.

Haroon Lorgat                       ICC Chief Executive (Chairman)
Alan Isaac                               ICC Vice President (for day 1)
Subhan Ahmed                     Pakistan
Nizam Uddin Chowdhury    Bangladesh
David Collier                          England and Wales
John Cribbin                         Associate Member Representative
Warren Deutrom                  Associate Member Representative
Francois Erasmus               Associate Member Representative
Dr Ernest Hilaire                   West Indies
Sanjay Jagdale                      India
Gerald Majola                       South Africa
Wilfred Mukondiwa            Zimbabwe  (alternate for Ozias Bvute)
Nishanta Ranatunga            Sri Lanka
James Sutherland              Australia
David White                          New Zealand