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Schedule of Faysal Bank T-20 Cup for Departments

27 November - 3rd December 2013
At Gaddafi Stadium & LCCA Ground, Lahore

Lahore November 25, 2013: Pakistan Cricket Board announces the renewal of Domestic Cricket Lead Sponsorship Agreement with Faysal Bank Limited for the next three years’ period comprising the 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons.

Under this partnership FAYSAL BANK T- 20 CUP FOR DEPARTMENTS will commence from 27th November - 3rd December 2013 at Gaddafi Stadium & LCCA Ground Lahore. Total Eleven Departmental teams divided into Two Groups will be participating in this Tournament.



Three Matches will take place at Gadaffi Stadium Lahore & Two matches will be played at LCCA Ground daily. Matches at Gadaffi Stadium Lahore and will be aired live on PTV Sports.

The first and second semi- final will be held on 2nd December followed by the final on 3rd December, 2013. Faysal Bank will be awarding the winning team Rs 2 million as prize money and Rs1 million for the runners up.

Commenting on the vent Mr. Subhan Ahmad, COO PCB, said:
“Mr. Subhan Ahmad, COO Pakistan Cricket Board, speaking at the media briefing arranged for this purpose said, “The relationship of PCB and Faysal Bank goes a long way. The support from Faysal Bank to Pakistan’s domestic cricket reflects their commitment and seriousness towards the development of the game. Faysal Bank T20 Cup for Departments will be the first tournament in this renewed partnershipI hope that some top quality cricket will be on display to entertain the fans.”

Aarij Ali, Head Retail, Faysal Bank reiterated the banks commitment to cricket and said:
“We are pleased to renew and extend our collaboration with PCB for the promotion of the game of cricket at the domestic level. We are gratified that under our recently-concluded three-year Sponsorship Agreement, we have been able to work with PCB to help bring quality domestic cricket to the people of Pakistan. In the process, the domestic platform showcased the enormous cricketing talent available in the country; many of the players who got exposure at the domestic platform then went on to represent Pakistan at the international level”

Faysal Bank T20 Cup for Departments

Date Teams Venue Umpires Referee TV Umpire R. Umpire Scorer P.Scorer Time
27-Nov UBL-State Bank LCCA Ground Lahore Islam Khan-Hakeem Shah Ilyas Khan - - Masood - 0930 hrs
  HBL-WAPDA LCCA Ground Lahore Javed Ashraf-Nasar Khan Ilyas Khan - - Masood - 1315 hrs
  NBP-PTV Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Riazuddin-Kamal Marchant Iqbal Sheikh Ahmed Shahab Naushad Khan Azhar Hameed 0930 hrs
  PIA-KRL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Ghaffar Kazmi-Qaisar Waheed Muhammad Javed K.Mahmood Sr Ijaz Ahmed Najam Azhar 1315 hrs
  ZTBL-SNGPL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Zameer Haider-Ahsan Raza Muhammad Javed Tahir Hussain Masood Ahmed Hameed Najam 1700 hrs
28-Nov SNGPL-Port Qasim LCCA Ground Lahore Islam Khan-Masood Ahmed Ishtiaq Ahmed - - Masood - 0930 hrs
  State Bank-PTV LCCA Ground Lahore Ijaz Ahmed-Naushad Khan Ishtiaq Ahmed - - Masood - 1315 hrs
  UBL-KRL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore K.Mahmood Sr-Tahir Hussain Shahid Butt Kamal Marchant Javed Ashraf Hameed Azhar 0930 hrs
  PIA-NBP Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Ahsan Raza-Qaisar Waheed Anwar Khan Riazuddin Hakeem Shah Azhar Najam 1315 hrs
  HBL-ZTBL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Riazuddin-Ahmed Shahab Anwar Khan Zameer Haider Nasar Khan Najam Hameed 1700 hrs
29-Nov ZTBL-WAPDA LCCA Ground Lahore Mir Dad-Majid Hussain Khalid Niazi - - Zahoor - 0930 hrs
  NBP-UBL LCCA Ground Lahore Sajid Afridi-Asif Yaqoob Khalid Niazi - - Arif - 1315 hrs
  HBL-Port Qasim Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Riazuddin-Zameer Haider Zaigham Burki Ghaffar Kazmi Qaisar Waheed Azhar Hameed 0930 hrs
  KRL-State Bank Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Ahmed Shahab-Kamal Marchant Nadeem Arshad Qaisar Waheed Aftab Gillani Najam Azhar 1315 hrs
  PIA-PTV Gaddafi Stadium Lahore K.Mahmood Sr-Tahir Hussain Nadeem Arshad Ahsan Raza Mir Dad Hameed Najam 1700 hrs
30-Nov NBP-KRL LCCA Ground Lahore Aftab Gillani-Muhammad Asif Saadat Ali - - Masood - 0930 hrs
  PIA-State Bank LCCA Ground Lahore Tahir Hussain-Nadeem Iqbal Saadat Ali - - Masood - 1315 hrs
  WAPDA-SNGPL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Zameer Haider-Ahmed Shahab Jamshed Hussain Kamal Marchant Majid Hussain Hameed Azhar 0930 hrs
  ZTBL-Port Qasim Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Ahsan Raza-Ghaffar Kazmi Musaddaq Rasool Qaisar Waheed Sajid Afridi Azhar Najam 1315 hrs
  UBL-PTV Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Riazuddin-K.Mahmood Sr Muhammad Anees Ahmed Shahab Asif Yaqoob Najam Hameed 1700 hrs
1-Dec PIA-UBL LCCA Ground Lahore Tahir Hussain-Ahmed Shahab Khateeb Rizwan - - Masood - 0930 hrs
  KRL-PTV LCCA Ground Lahore Riazuddin-K.Mahmood Sr Musaddaq Rasool - - Masood - 1315 hrs
  NBP-State Bank Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Ahsan Raza-Ghaffar Kazmi Azizur Rehman Kamal Marchant Nadeem Iqbal Najam Hameed 0930 hrs
  WAPDA-Port Qasim Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Zameer Haider-Qaisar Waheed Azizur Rehman Ahsan Raza Muhammad Asif Azhar Najam 1315 hrs
  HBL-SNGPL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Kamal Marchant-Ghaffar Kazmi Khateeb Rizwan Zameer Haider Tahir Hussain Hameed Adnan 1700 hrs

Semi Finals & Finals

2-Dec   Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Zameer Haider-Kamal Marchant Khateeb Rizwan Ghaffar Kazmi K.Mahmood Sr Azhar Najam 1300 hrs
2-Dec   Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Riazuddin-Ahsan Raza Musaddaq Rasool Zameer Haider Muhammad Asif Hameed Azhar 1700 hrs
3-Dec   Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Ahsan Raza-Shozab Raza Muhammad Anees Ahmed Shahab Qaisar Waheed Najam Hameed 1700 hrs

Note: First Semi Final between Winner of Group (A) Vs Runner Up of Group (B) - Second Semi Final between Winner of Group (B) Vs Runner Up of Group (A)