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Women cricketers set to garner more support

KARACHI: Pakistan women cricket has been on the rise ever since they clinched the Asian Games title in Guangzhou and national team manager Ayesha Ashar on Tuesday said that the departments will come up next season to support the cricketers of the country.

Currently, ZTBL is the only department in women cricket that has provided employment to top players. But Ayesha said there will be more departments joining the bandwagon next domestic season.

“We have been in discussions with some departments to play their role in the development of the game and there will be few other departmental sides next season,” Ayesha told ‘The News’ on Tuesday.

Pakistan team recently won the quadrangular tournament in Sri Lanka to further bolster their reputation.

The current season for women cricket will conclude with completion of the T20 Pentangular Cricket Tournament which will be played in Islamabad from May 22 to June 2.

Meanwhile, Ayesha added that the PCB women wing has planned to conduct high performance academies on regional level once the season is over.

“Academies on regional level will be established so that the players of different cities don’t have to travel to a particular city to get the high performance coaching,” she said. “The top performers of the season will be invited in these camps.”

Meanwhile, a top official of the board said that the emergence of more departments in women cricket will help in ending the dominance of one group.

“With the emergence of other departments, the monopoly of a certain group of players, who represent both Pakistan and ZTBL will finally end,” an official said.