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7th National Women Cricket Championship - 2012

Lahore March 5, 2012: PCB Women Wing is organizing 7th National Women Cricket Championship in three different zones of Pakistan i.e. Lahore, Islamabad & Rawalpindi. The championship will commence from   9th March 2012. 

Total 14 Teams including 11 Regional Teams along with the ZTBL, HEC and Pakistan Boards teams will be participating in this championship.  After the initial round, each winner team of its particular zone will play a Triangular League in Islamabad to determine the contestants of the Final which will be played on 24th March 2012.

 All the matches are of 50 overs a side and will start at 0930 hrs. The draws are as follows:-

DRAWS 9th - 24th Mar, 2012
Lahore ZTBL Pakistan Universities
Islamabad Rawalpindi Karachi
Multan Sialkot Faisalabad
Abbottabad Peshawar Hyderabad
Quetta PK Boards  


Zone (A) at ISLAMABAD- (10 matches)
Date Activity Venue
7.Mar (Wed) Arrival of Teams  
8.Mar (Thu) Rest  
9.Mar (Fri) ISB vs ABT National Ground
LHR vs QUT Marghazar Ground
10.Mar (Sat) MUL vs ABT Marghazar Ground
LHR vs ISB National Ground
11.Mar (Sun) Rest  
12.Mar (Mon) LHR vs ABT Marghazar Ground
MUL vs QUT National Ground
13.Mar (Tue) ISB vs MUL National Ground
ABT vs QUT Marghazar Ground
 14.Mar (Wed) Rest  
 15.Mar (Thu) LHR vs MUL Marghazar Ground
ISB vs QUT National Ground
 16.Mar (Fri) Departure of Teams for FINAL Round  


Zone (B) at LAHORE- (10 matches)
Date Activity Venue
7.Mar (Wed) Arrival of Teams  
8.Mar (Thu) Rest  
9.Mar (Fri) RWP vs PSH MT Whites
ZTBL vs PKB Lahore Gymkhana Grnd
10.Mar (Sat) SLKT vs PSH Ittefaq Cricket Ground
RWP vs ZTBL Lahore Gymkhana Grnd
11.Mar (Sun) Rest  
12.Mar (Mon) ZTBL vs PSH Lahore Gymkhana Grnd
SLKT vs PKB MT Whites
13.Mar (Tue) RWP vs SLKT Lahore Gymkhana Grnd
PSH vs PKB MT Whites
 14.Mar (Wed) Rest  
 15.Mar (Thu) ZTBL vs SLKT MT Whites
RWP vs PKB Lahore Gymkhana Grnd
 16.Mar (Fri) Departure of Teams for FINAL Round  


Zone (C) at RAWALPINDI - (6 matches)
Date Activity Venue
10.Mar (Sat) Arrival of Teams  
11.Mar (Sun) Rest  
12.Mar (Mon) HEC vs KAR KRL Ground
FSB vs HYD Shalimar Ground
13.Mar (Tue) HEC vs FSB KRL Ground
KAR vs HYD Diamond Ground
 14.Mar (Wed) Rest  
 15.Mar (Thu) KAR vs FSB KRL Ground
HEC vs HYD F-9 Park Cricket Ground
PSH vs PKB MT Whites
 16.Mar (Fri) Departure of Teams for FINAL Round  


FINAL ROUND at ISLAMABAD – (4 matches)
Date Activity Venue
16.Mar (Fri) Arrival of Teams at FINAL ROUND
17.Mar (Sat) Rest  
18.Mar (Sun) Winner-A vs Winner-B National Ground
19.Mar (Mon) Rest  
20.Mar (Tue) Winner-B vs Winner-C Diamond Ground
21.Mar (Wed) Rest  
22.Mar (Thu) Winner-A vs Winner-C Diamond Ground
23.Mar (Fri) Rest  
24.Mar (Sat) FINAL Diamond Ground