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Apropos the news item published in a section of media under the title

Lahore–8 March, 2013: Apropos the news item published in a section of media under the title, ‘Cricket fans deprived of radio commentary on domestic matches’, PCB wishes to clarify that it has always been PCB’s endeavor to promote women’s cricket and therefore it would be irrational to question the PCB’s intent to deny cricket fans of the radio commentary in its premier national women’s T20 tournaments ‘2nd Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Women Cricket Challenge Trophy 2013’.

It is pertinent to mention that the event was initiated by the present dispensation only last year.

“As the news story points out, the PCB had actually offered to grant the rights to Radio Pakistan because of its enormous outreach. In return, the PCB got an electronic mail from Radio Pakistan demanding Rs500,000/- for the coverage. It was followed by a telephone call a few days later by an unauthorized agent claiming to be negotiating for Radio Pakistan, asking the rights for free. There is neither any truth in the claim that the PCB at this occasion increased the price for radio rights to Rs1.5 million, nor in the one that subsequently these rights were sold to a private channel”, said the PCB Spokesman.

“It may also be noted that the established practice is that the PCB’s marketing departments sells TV, radio and other media rights for all cricket matches to the interested parties through a transparent process. PCB does not pay for coverage of the matches. The radio rights for domestic cricket – contrary to the story – have not been sold to any party,” said the spokesman.