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Pakistan Cricket Board today made the following statement

Lahore May 4, 2011 Pakistan Cricket Board today made the following statement in regard with the media reports attributed to Chairman National Selection Committee.

1.  Mr. Mohsin Hasan Khan, Chairman Selection Committee, is working with Pakistan Cricket Board for over a year now and has done a commendable job.

2.  The selection process for selecting a National Squad is that the Selection Committee selects the team, which is then sent to Chairman PCB for his approval. This is mandatory. If required, the Chairman PCB consults the Chairman Selection Committee on the selected squad and after due deliberation the squad is approved and announced.

3.  National Selection Committee and Tour Selection Committee are two independent bodies and though, at times, they seek mutual input but in no case one can interfere in the matters of the other.

4.  Following the submission of Test Squad for the West Indies’ tour for which the process stated in Para 2 above was duly followed. Mr. Khan was requested to come to PCB headquarters and explain his views to the Chairman PCB if required. He could not come due to illness of his wife. Now according to media reports he is holding a Press Conference today without prior permission of PCB. This would be a violation of Code of Conduct and would be unfortunate.