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Schedule of Faysal Bank T20 Cup 2012-13

Lahore November 28, 2012: The Pakistan Cricket Board announced the launch of the Faysal Bank National Twenty20 Cricket Tournament sponsored by Faysal Bank in accordance with its three-year contract here at a press conference in a local five-star hotel. The tournament commences from 1st  December 2012 in Lahore and run up to 9th December. There will be a total of 45 matches, which will take place at three different venues – the LCCA Ground, Bagh-e-Jinnah and the Gaddafi Stadium. The event will be telecast live on PTV Sports.

The PCB COO, Mr. Subhan Ahmad said:

 “Faysal Bank Twenty 20 National Tournament 2012 as an important and quality addition to the domestic calendar” for which the Faysal Bank’s corporate support was of critical import in ensuring high standards.

“Pakistan Cricket Board is committed to continuously improve the standard and competitiveness of its domestic cricket, to bring it at par with the most developed cricketing nations. The second edition of the Faysal Bank Twenty20 National Tournament is another quality addition to our domestic calendar.

“I am positive that denizens of Lahore will enjoy the descent of the national stars in their midst and the razzmatazz of the T20 format.

“The corporate support of the Faysal Bank has been of critical importance in ensuring that the event not just maintains but improves upon the standard displayed in the last edition at Karachi last year by coming in big numbers to witness the matches”, said the PCB COO.  


Aarij Ali, Head Retail, Faysal Bank reiterated the banks commitment to cricket and said:

 “Faysal Bank launched its corporate campaign early this year and we now have a Brand Promise to share with Pakistan - ‘Bank on Ambition’. Sponsorship of the domestic platform and particularly the National T20 ties in perfectly with this promise. We aim to be here for the long haul. We want each and every Pakistani to identify the Ambition within himself. Faysal Bank believes in the power of positive self worth and belief. The talent we get to see on ground through this tournament goes on to represent us to the world - so the success of this tournament translates into the success of Pakistan on the international platform.”

Group (A): Lahore Lions, Karachi Zebras, Sialkot Stallions, Islamabad Leopards, Abbottabad Falcons, Multan Tigers, Quetta Bears.

Group (B): Karachi Dolphins, Lahore Eagles, Rawalpindi Rams, Faisalabad Wolves, Peshawar Panthers, Hyderabad Hawks, Bahawalpur Stags

Schedule of Faysal Bank T20 Cup 2012/13

Date Teams Venue Umpires Referee TV Umpire R. Umpire Scorer P.Scorer Time
1-Dec Karachi Dolphins-Peshawar Panthers LCCA Ground Lahore Ghaffar Kazmi-Akram Raza Khalid Niazi Masood 0930 AM
  Lahore Eagles-Hyderabad Hawks LCCA Ground Lahore Saleem Badar-Saqib Khan Khalid Niazi Masood 1315 PM
  Rawalpindi Rams-Bahawalpur Stags Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Zameer Haider-Ahmed Shahab Saadat Ali - - Azhar - 0930 AM
  Sialkot Stallions-Islamabad Leopards Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Shozab Raza-K.Mahmood Sr. Saadat Ali - - Azhar - 1315 PM
  Multan Tigers-Quetta Bears Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Raweed Khan-Majid Hussain Nadeem Arshad Riazuddin Sajid Afridi Hameed Najam 1200 PM
  Lahore Lions-Karachi Zebras Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Nadeem Iqbal-Akmal Hayat Nadeem Arshad Kamal Marchant Aftab Gillani Hameed Najam 1600 PM
2-Dec Sialkot Stallios-Quetta Bears LCCA Ground Lahore K.Mahmood Sr.-Sajid Afridi Saadat Ali Masood 0930 AM
  Karachi Zebras-Islamabad Leopards LCCA Ground Lahore Ihtshamul Haq-Raweed Khan Saadat Ali Masood 1315 PM
  Lahore Lions-Abbottabad Falcons Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Kamal Marchant-Aftab Gillani Nadeem Arshad - - Najam - 0930 AM
  Peshawar Panthers-Bahawalpur Stags Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Shozab Raza-Akmal Hayat Nadeem Arshad - - Najam - 1315 PM
  Lahore Eagles-Faisalabad Wolves Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Saleem Badar-Riazuddin Khalid Niazi Ghaffar Kazmi Majid Hussain Azhar Hameed 1200 PM
  Karachi Dolphins-Rawalpindi Rams Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Ahsan Raza-Tahir Shah Khalid Niazi Akram Raza Saqib Khan Azhar Hameed 1600 PM
3-Dec Lahore Eagles-Peshawar Panthers LCCA Ground Lahore K.Mahmood Sr.-Kamal Marchant Ilyas Khan Masood 0930 AM
  Faisalabad Wolves-Hyderabad Hawks LCCA Ground Lahore Riazuddin-Tahir Shah Ilyas Khan Masood 1315 PM
  Karachi Dolphins-Bahawalpur Stags Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Ahsan Raza-Shozab Raza Ishtiaq Ahmed - - Hameed - 0930 AM
  Lahore Lions-Multan Tigers Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Saleem Badar-Raweed Khan Ishtiaq Ahmed - - Hameed - 1315 PM
  Islamabad Leopards-Abbottabad Falcons Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Ahmed Shahab-Akram Raza Azizur Rehman Ihtshamul Haq Nadeem Iqbal Najam Azhar 1200 PM
  Karachi Zebras-Sialkot Stallions Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Zameer Haider-Ghaffar Kazmi Azizur Rehman Qaisar Waheed Akmal Hayat Najam Azhar 1600 PM
4-Dec Lahore Lions-Islamabad Leopards LCCA Ground Lahore Tahir Shah-Majid Hussain Azizur Rehman Masood 0930 AM
  Karachi Zebras-Quetta Bears LCCA Ground Lahore Qaisar Waheed-Saqib Khan Azizur Rehman Masood 1315 PM
  Peshawar Panthers-Hyderabad Hawks Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Zameer Haider-Akmal Hayat Ilyas Khan - - Azhar - 0930 AM
  Rawalpindi Rams-Faisalabad Wolves Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Ahmed Shahab-Ihtshamul Haq Ilyas Khan - - Azhar - 1315 PM
  Abbottabad Falcons-Multan Tigers Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Saleem Badar-Kamal Marchant Ishtiaq Ahmed K.Mahmood Sr. Nadeem Iqbal Hameed Najam 1200 PM
  Karachi Dolphins-Lahore Eagles Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Aftab Gillani-Sajid Afridi Ishtiaq Ahmed Ahsan Raza Raweed Khan Hameed Najam 1600 PM
5-Dec Karachi  Zebras-Abbottabad Falcons LCCA Ground Lahore Tahir Shah-Nadeem Iqbal Muhammad Javed Masood 0930 AM
  Lahore Eagles-Bahawalpur Stags LCCA Ground Lahore Saleem Badar-Sajid Afridi Muhammad Javed Masood 1315 PM
  Sialkot Stallions-Multan Tigers Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Ahsan Raza-Ihtshamul Haq Ilyas Khan - - Najam - 0930 AM
  Lahore Lions-Quetta Bears Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Riazuddin-Kamal Marchant Saadat Ali - - Najam - 1315 PM
  Faisalabad Wolves-Peshawar Panthers Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Shozab Raza-K.Mahmood Sr. Musaddaq Rasool Ahmed Shahab Majid Hussain Azhar Hameed 1200 PM
  Rawalpindi Rams-Hyderabad Hawks Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Akram Raza-Qaisar Waheed Musaddaq Rasool Shozab Raza Aftab Gillani Azhar Hameed 1600 PM
6-Dec Karachi Zebras-Multan Tigers LCCA Ground Lahore Akmal Hayat-Aftab Gillani Muhammad Anees Masood 0930 AM
  Rawalpindi Rams-Lahore Eagles LCCA Ground Lahore Zameer Haider-Akram Raza Muhammad Anees Masood 1315 PM
  Sialkot Stallions-Abbottabad Falcons Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Ahmed Shahab-Ghaffar Kazmi Muhammad Javed - - Hameed - 0930 AM
  Karachi Dolphins-Faisalabad Wolves Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Qaisar Waheed-Majid Hussain Muhammad Javed - - Hameed - 1315 PM
  Hyderabad Hawks-Bahawalpur Stags Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Ahsan Raza-Ihtshamul Haq Khateeb Rizwan Saleem Badar Raweed Khan Najam Azhar 1200 PM
  Islamabad Leopards-Quetta Bears Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Riazuddin-Sajid Afridi Khateeb Rizwan K.Mahmood Sr. Saqib Khan Najam Azhar 1600 PM
7-Dec Abbottabad Falcons-Quetta Bears LCCA Ground Lahore Saleem Badar-Qaisar Waheed Musaddaq Rasool Masood 0930 AM
  Islamabad Leopards-Multan Tigers LCCA Ground Lahore Ahmed Shahab-Akram Raza Musaddaq Rasool Masood 1315 PM
  Rawalpindi Rams-Peshawar Panthers Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Nadeem Iqbal-Aftab Gillani Khateeb Rizwan - - Azhar - 0930 AM
  Karachi Dolphins-Hyderabad Hawks Bagh-e-Jinnah Lahore Ihtshamul Haq-Tahir Shah Khateeb Rizwan - - Azhar - 1315 PM
  Faisalabad Wolves-Bahawalpur Stags Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Ghaffar Kazmi-Saqib Khan Muhammad Anees Zameer Haider Majid Hussain Hameed Najam 0930 AM
  Lahore Lions-Sialkot Stallions Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Kamal Marchant-Nadeem Iqbal Muhammad Anees Qaisar Waheed Akmal Hayat Hameed Najam 1600 PM
8-Dec First Semi Final  Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Riazuddin-Ahsan Raza Muhammad Anees Tahir Shah Raweed Khan Masood Najam 1200 PM
8-Dec Second Semi Final Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Zameer Haider-Shozab Raza Khateeb Rizwan Ghaffar Kazmi Saqib Khan Hameed Azhar 1600 PM
9-Dec FINAL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Zameer Haider-Ahsan Raza Musaddaq Rasool Shozab Raza Sajid Afridi Najam Hameed TBA

Note: First Semi Final between Winner of Group (A) Vs Runner Up of Group (B) - Second Semi Final between Winner of Group (B) Vs Runner Up of Group (A)