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We are a great side, now we want to become a champion side!

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Due to the unprecedented weather conditions, one-third of Pakistan is currently underwater. Since we're away from our beloved homeland, watching the devastating calamity from afar makes it even more painful for us. We would like to win this tournament to bring lively smiles back on the faces of the people affected by the flood.

When we lost the first match of the tournament against India, we were confident we will rise. And rise we did. Rizwan played exceptionally well against Hong Kong, followed by a comprehensive bowling display that helped us earn a confidence-boosting win. Nawaz demonstrated great all-round skills against India in the Super-4 match, and although, I was the player of the match against Afghanistan, those two sixes by Naseem Shah will be eternally remembered!

We are a great team, but in order to become a champion side, we need to win this tournament and other high profile series. I have said this before that champion teams handle pressure well and prevail in clutch moments, and this is what we will aim for on the Sunday Finale. Winning against Sri Lanka and claiming the Asia Cup title is the real deal for us!

Babar Azam has taught us a lot, and besides the excellent team culture he has developed, I think the best facet of his leadership is the fact that he has inculcated the never give up attitude among us. Even if we find ourselves in hopeless situations, we are fully charged to fight till the last ball.

Amidst Shaheen's absence and some of our batters’ problems in searching for form, there was a general perception that Pakistan might get knocked out of the tournament at any stage. But the essence of cricket is based on teamwork and not individualism. We have also observed that after the Men's T20 World Cup 2021, various players from our team have stepped up and shown the determination to unleash their talents, making it a well-known fact that all the 11 players who take the field are match-winners.