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This week's highlights (Nov 17 - 23, 2014)

International Cricket | NOVEMBER 22, 2014 

Cricket: Masood credits dad for career

One prescient decision by Pakistani opener Shan Masood's father changed the course of his son's life. Masood was born on October 13, 1989 in Kuwait. Within a few months his father, a successful banker, forecast all was not well with a stroppy Saddam Hussein-led Iraq based across the border. He packed his family up, because of what his son refers to as "a hunch", and sent them back to Karachi while he kept working.

Source: The New Zealand Herald

International Cricket | NOVEMBER 19, 2014 

Yasir Shah: Messi lookalike who wants to be like Warne

"An Emirati immigration officer once looked at my passport and said, 'Why do you have Messi’s photo here?'"

"I had to show him my identification mark and cricket photos to convince him otherwise," Yasir Shah, Pakistan's fresh spin-talent, tells Dawn.com with a chuckle.

Source: Dawn