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Excluded Persons Policy

The ACU may, at any time, conduct an investigation into the activities of any non-Participant that it reasonably believes may be a genuine threat to the integrity of the sport, for example where such individual is actively involved in attempting to corrupt Participants, or where he/she acts as an intermediary for someone actively involved in attempting to corrupt cricket. 

If, following the investigation, the PCB considers that the investigation demonstrates that a non-Participant is engaging in activities that pose a genuine threat to the integrity of the sport, an order can be issued pursuant to the PCB Excluded Persons Policy (refer Appendix 2 of PCB Anti-Corruption Code). 

Any person issued with an Exclusion Order (an “Excluded Person”) shall, amongst other things, be excluded from having any role in any official cricket, including, without limitation, as a player, coach, official, a team/franchise owner or CEO or COO (or similar), as well as being excluded from participating, attending or being involved in any capacity in any Match or other kind of function, activity, competition or league that is authorized, sanctioned, recognized or supported in any way by the PCB, any National Cricket Federation or any member under the jurisdiction of a National Cricket Federation. This includes being excluded from having any involvement in the organization, administration or financing of any cricket league, tournament, event or match (whether directly or indirectly through his/her employment by a company appointed the run the relevant match or event). Further, any person issued with an Exclusion Order shall be prohibited from attending any Match played as part of PCB Event.

Article 2.4.9 of the PCB Anti-Corruption Code makes it an offence for any Player or other Participant who falls under to Code to associate in a professional or sport-related capacity with an Excluded Person after having been specifically warned against such association by the PCB and/or his/her National Cricket Federation. An Excluded Person is defined in the Code as someone who has been issued with an Exclusion Order by the PCB. For the purpose of this Article 2.4.9, ‘Associating’ or ‘Association’ shall include interacting with an Excluded Person in any manner, including, without limitation, communicating with the Excluded Person by any means (including in person, telephonically, or by digital or electronic means), physically or virtually meeting, and/or receiving direction or instruction from the Excluded Person by any means.

The following is the list of current Excluded Persons:

NameAlias/sCountryEffective FromDownload Link
Alamgir Khan - Pakistan 23/11/2022 Download