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'Brendon and Kane batted outstandingly well': Ross Taylor

'We would like to celebrate it in better circumstances' 

SHARJAH: Former New Zealand captain Ross Taylor praised skipper Brendon McCullum for scoring his third double hundred of 2014. McCullum has now entered the record books along side Michael Clarke, Ricky Ponting and Sir Don Bradman for most number of double hundreds scored in a calendar year.
"Yeah, I mean it has been an amazing 12 months for him..Those stats are up there and they are world class. In terms of frame of mind I guess Brendon and the whole team were... just trying to play cricket for what it is," said Taylor.
In terms of the mindset of the squad, Taylor revealed, they were not thinking too far ahead as their minds were occupied with Phil Hughes' demise. 
"I think everyone will go back to their room and have some dinner tonight and just turn up. Hopefully if we decide to bat on we bat on, if not go on the field and try our best. I think in terms from yesterday to today, it is a little bit better, I must admit. But I still think we would be... we are still away from where we  probably want to get to in the enjoyment factor of cricket again,'' added Taylor.
In fact for Taylor the entire day felt very strange, especially since they did not feel like celebrating despite being on top. "I guess it was another strange day. If you had told us without the other circumstances we would be very ecstatic and very happy with the day. I think strange is the only word I could really describe it. Brendon and Kane batted outstandingly well. We would like to celebrate it in better circumstances. But I am sure where we are at as a team we would take it day by day. I am sure at the end of the Test match we might be able to reflect back on it and maybe celebrate it a little bit more than we are currently," reckoned Taylor.
The carefree approach of McCullum and Williamson was a talking point at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. Taylor believed that the approach was down to the squad going back to playing like when they were a kid.
"I think it just goes to show how when you just bat like you did when you were a little kid, how things evolve I think. Every player that went out there today just went and played their natural game and didn't think about things too much."
Taylor related the situation to how when he batted with Williamson they hardly spoke a word. "When I batted with Kane, normally I talk a lot. Today we didn't say much and I think a lot of the times that we did talk...was more token than anything."
Taylor felt that the New Zealand squad was trying to do all they can to show support for Hughes' family. "We can only guess and imagine the thoughts and the way that they are feeling. You know how we are feeling is not great. They will be 10 times...100 times worse than what we are feeling. So, anything that we can do to support the Australian cricket team and Hughes and his family.
"It is only a little token. But hopefully it goes a little way to show how much its affected the cricket community and how its affected us as a team," added Taylor.