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Lahore November 11, 2016: A spokesman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has clarified matters under discussion in the last meeting of the Board of Governors (BoG) on 8th November regarding any facilitation to members for travelling abroad to watch matches. 

The PCB spokesman explained that under the rules only chairmen of BoG committees were entitled to certain travel and lodging facilities to enable them to carry out their work efficiently. The matter of enabling BoG members (who give their time and effort to PCB on an honorary basis without any salary) to watch maximum of one match per year outside Pakistan was debated and ExCo was asked to submit appropriate proposal in this regard at the next BoG meeting. 

Regarding some confusion about some PSL matters, the spokesman clarified that the proposed new Company would be incorporated as a 100 per cent owned PCB subsidiary with a majority of PCB directors from the PCB's BoG within a couple of months and it would start functioning fully after the 2nd edition of PSL in Feb-March 2017.