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Cricket World Cup: Shoaib too old for life in fast lane

COLOMBO:  Former tearaway Shoaib Akhtar admitted on Monday that age has dimmed his energy and desire to deliver the 100 mph toe-crunchers that once made him the world\'\'s most feared fast bowler.The charismatic but controversial Pakistan seamer, whose career has been plagued by injury and disciplinary problems, knows that, at 35, it is sense rather than speed that will get wickets.\"I left this race of bowling at 100 mph a long time ago. I am nearing 36 now and am more mature, so I am focusing (more) on getting wickets now than bowling fast,\" said Akhtar, who broke the 100 mph barrier at the 2003 World Cup.However, he added: \"But I crossed 159 kmh (98 mph) the other day.\"Akhtar has played 162 ODIs with 246 wickets and 46 Tests, which yielded 178 wickets. (AFP)