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FAYSAL BANK T-20 CUP for Regions 6th to 16th February 2014 at Rawalpindi & Islamabad

Islamabad; February 04, 2014:    Faysal Bank Limited (FBL) and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announce the second Faysal Bank T-20 Cup of the 2013-14 season. The tournament will be played from 6th to 16th February, 2014 at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi; Diamond Ground, Islamabad; Marghazar Ground, Islamabad and National Ground, Islamabad. A total of 17 Teams divided into four groups will be participating in this tournament.

Group (A) Group (B) Group (C) Group (D)
Sialkot Stallions Rawalpindi Rams Faisalabad Wolves Lahore Lions
Karachi Dolphins Karachi Zebras Islamabad Leopards Abbottabad Falcons
Hyderabad Hawks Multan Tigers Lahore Eagles Bahawalpur Stags
Quetta Bears FATA Cheetas  Peshawar Panthers D.M.Jamali Ibexes
Larkana Bulls      

The highlight of this tournament is the first time inclusion of three new teams: FATA Cheetahs, Dera Murad Jamali Ibexes and Larakana Bulls.

Two matches will take place at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi, and one match each will be played at Diamond Ground, Islamabad, Marghazar Ground, Islamabad and National Ground, Islamabad, daily. Matches taking place at Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium will be aired live on PTV Sports.

Faysal Bank will be awarding the winning team Rs 2 million as prize money and Rs 1 million for the runners up.

Commenting on the event Subhan Ahmad, Chief Operating Officer, PCB, said:

“Pakistan’s National Twenty20 events have proved to be immensely popular amongst the very large section of cricket-passionate public in this country. One benchmark has been that our T20 events have all been full-house affairs. Yet another satisfying aspect, amply reflected from the stands, is that families throng the matches.

“The quality and organization of PCB’s T20 events is very high. I am sure this year’s Faysal Bank Regions Twenty20 too shall be of a very high standard. Along with the PCB’s management putting in excellent work, it is also reflective of the corporate and financial support that Faysal Bank has provided in organization.

“The PCB enjoy’s very cordial relations with all sponsors, especially with the Faysal Bank that have backed our first class cricket”.

Aarij Ali, Head Retail, Faysal Bank reiterated the banks commitment to cricket and said,

“Our commitment to the promotion of cricket at the grassroots level in Pakistan is manifested in this T20 tournament: for the first time there are 17 regional teams playing in this format, and for the first time smaller and remote places like Larkana, Dera Murad Jamali and FATA are being represented.  It is gratifying that our partnership with PCB continues to showcase talent from all corners of the country; many of these discovered players go on to represent Pakistan in the international arena. We look forward to seeing some exciting cricket in the next 10 days and are pleased to bring quality entertainment to all those who will be following these matches in the stadium, on television and on the social media”.

The schedule of matches is as follows:

FAYSAL BANK T-20 CUP 2013-2014

Date Teams Venue Umpires Referee TV Umpire R. Umpire Scorer P.Scorer Time
6-Feb Bahawalpur Stags-Dera Murad Jamali Ibexes Daimond Ground Islamabad Hakeem Shah-Nasar Khan Iqbal Sheikh - - Umer - 1100 hrs
  Multan Tigers-FATA Cheetas Marghazar Ground Islamabad Masood Ahmed-Muhammad Asif Jamshed Hussain - - Zeeshan - 1100 hrs
  Karachi Dolphins-Hyderabad Hawks National Ground Islamabad Ijaz Ahmed-Naushad Khan Zaigham Burki - - Z.Yasir - 1100 hrs
  Quetta Bears-Larkana Bulls Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Aftab Gillani-Nadeem Iqbal Ishtiaq Ahmed Sajid Afridi Majid Hussain Shakeel Adnan 1200 hrs
  Faisalabad Wolves-Peshawar Panthers Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Tahir Hussain-Javed Ashraf Muhammad Anees Ahmed Shahab Mir Dad Adnan Shakeel 1600 hrs
7-Feb Karachi Zebras-FATA Cheetas Daimond Ground Islamabad Ijaz Ahmed-Majid Hussain Zaigham Burki - - Umer - 1100 hrs
  Sialkot Stallions-Larkana Bulls Marghazar Ground Islamabad Sajid Afridi-Mir Dad Iqbal Sheikh - - Zeeshan - 1100 hrs
  Hyderabad Hawks-Quetta Bears National Ground Islamabad Javed Ashraf-Qaisar Waheed Jamshed Hussain - - Z.Yasir - 1100 hrs
  Abbottabad Falcons-Dera Murad Jamali Ibexes Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Zameer Haider-Masood Ahmed Muhammad Anees Tahir Hussain Hakeem Shah Adnan Shakeel 1200 hrs
  Islamabad Leopards-Lahore Eagles Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Aftab Gillani-Nadeem Iqbal Ishtiaq Ahmed Muhammad Asif Naushad Khan Shakeel Adnan 1600 hrs
8-Feb Peshawar Panthers-Islamabad Leopards Daimond Ground Islamabad Ahmed Shahab-Qaisar Waheed Shahid Butt - - Umer - 1100 hrs
  Hyderabad Hawks-Larkana Bulls Marghazar Ground Islamabad Hakeem Shah-Sajid Afridi Saadat Ali - - Zeeshan - 1100 hrs
  Karachi Dolphins-Quetta Bears National Ground Islamabad Tahir Hussain-Nadeem Iqbal Khalid Niazi - - Z.Yasir - 1100 hrs
  Lahore Lions-Bahawalpur Stags Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Mir Dad-Nasar Khan Muhammad Anees Qaisar Waheed Asif Yaqoob Shakeel Adnan 1200 hrs
  Rawalpindi Rams-FATA Cheetas Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Zameer Haider-Ahsan Raza Nadeem Arshad Kamal Marchant Javed Ashraf Adnan Shakeel 1600 hrs
9-Feb Karachi Dolphins-Larkana Bulls Daimond Ground Islamabad Zameer Haider-Sajid Afridi Ilyas Khan - - Umer - 1100 hrs
  Lahore Lions-Dera Murad Jamali Ibexes Marghazar Ground Islamabad Majid Hussain-Asif Yaqoob Shahid Butt - - Zeeshan - 1100 hrs
  Faisalabad Wolves-Islamabad Leopards National Ground Islamabad K.Mahmood Sr.-Kamal Marchant Saadat Ali - - Z.Yasir - 1100 hrs
  Karachi Zebras-Multan Tigers Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Ahsan Raza-Ghaffar Kazmi Nadeem Arshad Aftab Gillani Ijaz Ahmed Adnan Shakeel 1200 hrs
  Sialkot Stallions-Hyderabad Hawks Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Riazuddin-Tahir Hussain Khateeb Rizwan Majid Hussain Nadeem Iqbal Shakeel Adnan 1600 hrs
10 Feb Sialkot Stallions-Quetta Bears Daimond Ground Islamabad Naushad Khan-Asif Yaqoob Khalid Niazi - - Zeeshan - 1100 hrs
  Abbottabad Falcons-Bahawalpur Stags National Ground Islamabad Tahir Hussain-Muhammad Asif Ilyas Khan - - Z.Yasir - 1100 hrs
  Lahore Eagles-Peshawar Panthers Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Riazuddin-K.Mahmood Sr. Khateeb Rizwan Ghaffar Kazmi Ijaz Ahmed Shakeel Adnan 1200 hrs
  Rawalpindi Rams-Multan Tigers Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Zameer Haider-Ahsan Raza Azizur Rehman Kamal Marchant Nasar Khan Adnan Shakeel 1600 hrs
11 Feb Lahore Eagles-Faisalabad Wolves Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Riazuddin-K.Mahmood Sr. Muhammad Javed Ahmed Shahab Nasar Khan Shakeel Adnan 1200 hrs
  Karachi Dolphins-Sialkot Stallions Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Ahsan Raza-Kamal Marchant Azizur Rehman Zameer Haider Masood Ahmed Adnan Shakeel 1600 hrs
12 Feb Lahore Lions-Abbottabad Falcons Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Riazuddin-Ahmed Shahab Muhammad Javed K.Mahmood Sr. Javed Ashraf Adnan Shakeel 1200 hrs
  Rawalpindi Rams-Karachi Zebras Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Zameer Haider-Ahsan Raza Musaddaq Rasool Ghaffar Kazmi Aftab Gillani Shakeel Adnan 1600 hrs
      Quarter Finals            
13 Feb winner of Group(A)-Runner up of Group (C ) Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Riazuddin-Ghaffar Kazmi Anwar Khan Kamal Marchant Hakeem Shah Shakeel Adnan 1200 hrs
  winner of Group(B)-Runner up of Group (D) Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Ahsan Raza-Ahmed Shahab Azizur Rehman K.Mahmood Sr. Masood Ahmed Adnan Shakeel 1600 hrs
14 Feb winner of Group(C)-Runner up of Group (A) Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Kamal Marchant-Ghaffar Kazmi Musaddaq Rasool Tahir Hussain Naushad Khan Adnan Shakeel 1200 hrs
  winner of Group(D)-Runner up of Group (B ) Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Zameer Haider-K.Mahmood Sr. Anwar Khan Riazuddin Mir Dad Shakeel Adnan 1600 hrs
      Semi Finals & Final            
15 Feb winner of 3rd Q.Final-winner of 4th Q.Final Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Riazuddin-Ahmed Shahab Musaddaq Rasool Ghaffar Kazmi Muhammad Asif Adnan Shakeel 1600 hrs
16 Feb winner of 1st S.Final Vs winner of 2nd S.Final  Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Ahsan Raza-Kamal Marchant Khateeb Rizwan Ahmed Shahab Qaisar Waheed Shakeel Adnan 1600 hrs

Match Timings

  Matches at Pindi Std. Matches at other Grounds
1st Match 1200 - 1320 1100 - 1220 
  1320 - 1340 1220 - 1240
  1340 - 1500 1240 - 1400
2nd Match 1600 - 1720  
  1720 - 1740  
  1740 - 1900  

Notes to Editors:

Faysal Bank Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on October 3rd, 1994 as a public Limited company under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. Currently, the Bank’s shares are listed on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock exchanges. Faysal Bank is engaged in Commercial, Consumer, Corporate and Islamic banking activities. The Pakistan Credit Rating Agency Limited (PACRA) and JCVR-VIS Credit Rating Company Limited have determined the Bank’s long term rating as ‘AA’ and short term rating as ‘A1+’. Faysal Bank’s footprint now spreads over more than 265 branches in over 80 cities, with business assets in excess of PKR 350 billion, placing it amongst the top ten banks in Pakistan.  Faysal Bank’s ambition is to provide par excellence service to its customers while meeting their financial needs.