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HBL Pakistan Super League Draft 2016 Rules & Information

LAHORE- October 18, 2016: This is to communicate and clarify rules and information pertaining to the second Draft of the Pakistan Super League, in addition to previous releases on the same. These rules have all been communicated to all teams throughout the off-season of the PSL, leading up to the Draft. 

1. There have been questions about the order of the draft picks. 

A) In the first year the team picking order was done on a first-round drawing of turns, after which all subsequent rounds were randomised. This year, in keeping with stipulated rules that will be applied over future league editions, the team that placed last in the previous edition will pick first every round, followed by the team that finished 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and the champion team picking last every round.

B) This is to ensure a level playing field across the life of a league and accounts well for retentions and retirements as well.

2. Media has enquired about changes to the rules of the draft in retentions and picks.

A) All relevant changes to the rules were first drafted and then presented to all teams for agreement, and have been discussed and implemented as such. 

B)To create an even more competitive framework and to attract bigger names to the PSL, each category has been given a cap within the total team salary cap and teams can manage and create incentives for players or pay them a higher flat rate within that cap.

C) Teams had the option to transfer and retain players from their previous squads on mutually agreed terms. The terms must be completely transparent and shared with the Pakistan Cricket Board, which is a third signatory on any such agreement.

D) Retained players of higher values will represent a higher pick in each category, and the same will apply to newly recruited players.

E) Out of the windows provided for these, three transfers reach fruition, while retentions will be announced as final and confirmed when the teams announce the confirmed players at the Draft.

3. Questions as to potential of multiple roles being given to individual players. 

A) Each team may retain the services of one each of the following - a player-mentor/coach, a brand ambassador, and a youth ambassador, the salaries of the latter two being deducted from the overall team payroll.

B) Team mentors have been added to give all teams the chance to retain or recruit new players from the category to their teams. 

C) This player-mentor/coach role addition enhances overall quality on-field as well as off-field experience these individuals bring to teams from their wealth of experience.

D) Teams and players who are able to reach an agreement on the player-mentor/coach role will be accommodated at the Draft in a way that the player then effectively becomes unavailable to any other team to pick from the Draft list, but must be picked by the relevant team using one of its regular round Draft picks to choose him.

The HBLPSL Draft 2016 is due to take place at the Dome at the ICC Global Cricket Academy on October 19, with guests arriving at 4:15 pm and the ceremony will commence with opening remarks from Chairman PSL, Najam Aziz Sethi, and proceed with presentations and the complete Draft, live at 5 pm. All media members are requested to arrive and carry relevant invitations and credentials to the venue to attend no later than 4:00 pm so as to be ushered into the event without hassle.