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Pakistan takes on England in the first T20 International in Dubai

Dubai, 25 November 2015: The excitement of limited overs cricket has already begun to reach its feverish pitch this November! After the exciting ODIs that took place across the UAE, Haier Mobile presents UBL ODI & T20 Series, which is starting this Thursday in Dubai.

Mr. Naeem Bashir Ahmad, Senior Executive Vice President and Head of International UBL unveiled the trophy with the two captains Shahid Afridi and Eoin Morgan, as well as representatives of the title and sponsors at the Dubai Cricket Stadium.

With Pakistan having secured a 2-0 victory in the preceding Test match series, and England winning the preceding ODIs with a 3-1 victory, both sides will be looking to round off the battle with a clear victory in the T20 matches. Tomorrow’s match is the first of three T20 matches, the second of which will also take place in Dubai November 27, and the third in Sharjah onNovember 30. 

“I am really excited to lead this young team against the world class English side and we are preparing well. We have rested the senior players for T20 and had some good practice match with some talented young players boosted our confidence level. I hope we can complete this series in a winning note” said Shahid Afridi, Pakistan’s T20 captain.

England captain Eoin Morgan, wore confidence on his shoulders with the recent ODI success. “We have a balanced squad with a mix of young and talented players. I hope this will be a great condition for us to prepare for the T20 International world cup. I am excited for the fact that, our momentum has improved really well and we look forward for a very good T20 games”.

England and Pakistan have had an interesting few weeks prior to this. Three test matches took place in Abu Dhabi from the13-17 October, followed by one in Dubai 22-26 October, and the third one in Sharjah 1-5 November. Pakistan won these matches in a 2-0 victory. This was followed by a series of ODI matches across the Middle East, two of which were held in Abu Dhabi, followed by one in Sharjah, and the last, in Dubai.  England swept it up with a 3-1 victory. The series of T20 matches rounds up the season.