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Patron's Trophy Grade-II, Round Three, Day One Summary

Patron’s Trophy Grade-II, Round Three, Day One Summary

  • Jallat Khan and Mirza Ahsan took six wickets apiece for Haideri Traders and Civil Aviation, respectively
  • Ghulam Rehman, Fawad Khan, Asfand Mehran and Tahir Khan took five wickets each for Sabir’s Poultry, Pakistan Navy, Higher Education Commission and Pakistan International Airline, respectively

Lahore, 22 April 2019: The Patron’s Trophy Grade-II tournament, Round Three, started at eight venues across the country on Monday.

In Pool ‘A’ match between Civil Aviation Authority and Haideri Traders at the UBL Sports Complex in Karachi, Civil Aviation Authority after winning the toss elected to bat first and were dismissed for 226 in 52.3 overs. Ashar Qureshi top-scored with a 86-ball 70 with 18 fours. For Haideri Traders, Jallat Khan took six wickets for 62. In turn, Haideri Traders were 122 for six at stumps. For Civil Aviation, Mirza Ahsan took all six wickets.

In another Pool ‘A’ match between Omer Associates and Pakistan Navy at the National Bank Stadium in Karachi, Omer Associates, after winning the toss, elected to bat first. They were bowled out for 194 in 69 overs. Fahadis Bukhari scored 165-ball 68 with nine fours. For Pakistan Navy, Fawad Khan took five for 68. In reply, Pakistan Navy were 64 for three in 25 overs at stumps.

In Pool ‘B’ match between Port Qasim and Ghani Glass at the Iqbal Stadium in Faisalabad, Ghani Glass elected to bat first and scored 399 for nine in 83 overs. Zeeshan Ashraf hit 13 fours in his 157-ball 94. For Port Qasim, Azam Hussain and Tanveer Ahmad took four wickets apiece. In reply, at stumps, Port Qasim were 12 for one in five overs.

In another Pool ‘B’ match between Candyland and Higher Education Commission at the Rana Naveed Cricket Academy in Sheikhupura, Candyland after being put into bat were bowled out for 250 in 63.1 overs. Tayyab Riaz scored 83 off 96 balls with eight fours and a six. For Higher Education Commission, Asfand Mehran took five for 63. In reply, Higher Education Commission were 146 for one in 24 overs at stumps.

In Pool ‘C’ match between State Bank and Pakistan Air Force at the Diamond Cricket Ground in Islamabad, Pakistan Air Force after being put into bat were dismissed for 116 in 39.5 overs. For State Bank, Muhammad Ilyas claimed four for 41. In reply, State Bank were 161 for three at stumps.

In another Pool ‘C’ match between Pakistan International Airlines and Pakistan Army at the Army Cricket Ground in Rawalpindi, Pakistan Army, after being sent into bat were bowled out for 200 in 63.4 overs. For Pakistan International Airlines, Tahir Khan took five for 62. At stumps, Pakistan International Airlines were 105 for two in 24 overs.

In Pool ‘D’ match between Pakistan Railways and K-Electric at the Railway Stadium in Lahore, K-Electric, after being put into bat were bowled out for 295 in 58.1 overs. 

Nasir Nawaz top-scored with 95 that came off 86 balls with 11 fours and five sixes. For Pakistan Railways, Hamza Nazar took five for 88. In reply, Pakistan Railways were 83 for three in 22 overs at stumps.

In another Pool ‘D’ match between Karachi Port Trust and Sabir’s Poultry at the LCCA Ground in Lahore, Karachi Port Trust after being put into bat were dismissed for 150 in 37.2 overs. Shah Ali Zafar top-scored with 102-ball 91 with 17 fours. 

For Sabir’s Poultry, Ghulam Rehman took five for 49. In reply, Sabir’s Poultry were dismissed for 84. For Karachi Port Trust, Husbaan Javed and Babar Rehman took four wickets a piece. At stumps, Karachi Port Trust in their second innings were 48 for three in 10 overs.

Scores in brief:



Omer Associates: 194 all out, 69 overs (Fahadis Bukhari 68, {165b, 9x4}; Arsalan Bashir 44, {87b, 6x4, 1x6}; Yasir Mushtaq 20, {45b, 4x4}; Fawad Khan 5-68, Raza Ul Hasan 3-45)

Pakistan Navy: 64 for 3, 25 overs (Latif Jonejo 31, {67b, 4x4, 1x6}; Hafiz Asad 27, {50b, 3x4}; Ulfat Shah 2-6)

Toss: Omer Associates elected to bat first

Umpires: Muhamamd Rashid and Aziz ur Rehman

Referee: Ameeruddin Ansari


Civil Aviation Authority: 226 all out, 52.3 overs (Asher Qureshi 70, {86b, 13x4}; Ishfaq Ahmed 29, {40b, 5x4}; Shahid Nawaz 25, {18b, 4x6}; Jallat Khan 6-62, Muhammad Ibrahim 3-47)

Haideri Traders: 122 for 6, 45 overs (Muhammad Usman 35, {68b, 5x4}; Momin Waqar 24, {25b, 4x4}; Jallat Khan 21 not out, {59b, 2x4}; Mirza Ahsan 6-51)

Toss: Civil Aviation Authority elected to bat first

Umpires: Ghulam Sarwar and Mumtaz Ali

Referee: Muhamamd Javed


Rana Naveed Academy, Sheikhupura:

Candyland: 250 all out, 63.1 overs (Tayyab Riaz 83, {96b, 8x4, 1x6}; Babar Ali 61 not out, {73b, 7x4, 3x6}; Asfand Mehran 5-63, Fahad Usman 2-20)

Higher Education Commission: 146 for one, 24 overs (Fahad Usman 81, not out {79b, 10x4}; Arsalan Zia 42 not out, {54b 5x4})

Toss: Higher Education Commission elected to bowl first

Umpires: Nadeem Iqbal & Jameel Kamran

Referee: Ghulam Mustafa

Iqbal Stadium, Faisalabad

Ghani Glass: 299 for 9, 83 overs (Zeeshan Ashraf 94, {151b, 13x4}; Tayyab Tahir 91, {81b, 8x4, 4x6}; Shahbaz Javed 60, {123b, 6x4}; Yousaf Babar 51, {84b, 3x4}; Haris Nazar 31 not out, {26b, 4x4}; Tanveer Ahmed 4-57, Azam Hussain 4-113)

Port Qasim: 12 for one, 5 overs

Toss: Ghani Glass elected to bat first

Umpires: Akmal Hayat & Rana M. Arshad

Referee: Sami ul Haq


Army Cricket Ground, Rawalpindi

Pakistan Army: 200 all out, 63.4 overs (Shoaib Khan 82, {108b, 9x4, 1x6}; Haseeb-ur-Rehman 43, {114b, 4x4}; Hamza Arshad 28, {42b, 3x4, 1x6}; Tahir Khan 5-62)

Pakistan International Airlines: 105 for 2, 24 overs (Shehzar Muhammad 34, {41b, 6x4}; Maeez Naqvi 29, {65b, 3x4}; Hanif Azad 28 not out, {36b, 4x4}; Umair Khan 2-47)

Toss: Pakistan International Airlines elected to bowl first

Umpires: Mir Dad & Jamshed Iqbal

Referee: Muhammad Wasim

Diamond Ground, Islamabad

Pakistan Air Force: 116 all out, 39.5 overs (Ali Malik 30, {96b, 3x4}; Muhammad Ilyas 4-41, Hamza Nadeem 3-11, Muhammad Nawaz 2-4)

State Bank of Pakistan: 161 for 3, 34 overs (Syed Saad Ali 46 not out, {61b, 7x4}; Usman Sallahuddin 34 not out, {76b, 4x4}; Rizwan Hussain 28, {28b, 3x4}; Israrullah 21, {20b, 4x4}; Muhamamd Nawaz 20, {28b, 4x4}; Muhammad Shahzad 3-18)

Toss: State Bank of Pakistan elected to bowl first

Umpires: Sohail Zaman & Saleem Butt

Referee: Allah Ditto


Railway Stadium, Lahore

K. Electric: 295 all out, 58.1 overs (Nasir Nawaz 95, {86b, 11x4, 5x6}; Umair Bin Yousaf 68, {103b, 10x4, 1x6}; Jahanzaib Sultan 47, {52b, 9x4}; Hamza Nazar 5-88, Muhammad Rameez 3-66, Abdul Rauf 2-53)

Pakistan Railways: 88 for 3, 22 overs (Zain Ul Hasnain 29, {47b, 7x4}; Mohsin Pervaiz 20, {29b, 3x4}; Asad Raza 3-49)

Toss: Pakistan Railways elected to bowl first

Umpires: Irfan Dilshad & Qaisar Khan

Referee: Inam Ullah Khan

LCCA Ground, Lahore

Karachi Port trust: 150 all out, 37.2 overs (Shah Ali Zafar 91, {102b, 17x4}; Ghulam Rehman 5-49, Asif Fawad 2-14, Nisar Ahmed 2-61) and 48 for 3, 10 overs (Anas Mehmood 24 not out, {32b, 5x4}; Ghulam Rehman 2-20)

Sabir’s Poultry: 84 all out, 27.3 overs (Imran Nazir 32, {26b, 7x4}; Babar Rehman 4-20, Husbaan Javed 4-28, Khalid Mehmood 2-36)

Toss: Sabir’s Poultry elected to bowl first

Umpires: Muhamamd Basit & Muhammad Kaleem

Referee: Mujahid Jamshed