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PCB's clarification on speculation about the spot-fixing case

PCB has full confidence and trust in the findings of its Anti Corruption and Legal Departments. The two departments and other officials involved in rooting out the menace of corruption in the game have worked tirelessly and with great sincerity and integrity since the spot fixing investigation began. Therefore it is disheartening and disappointing to note that a certain section of the media and some ill-informed cricket "experts" are busy speculating negatively about the spot fixing case despite the extremely sensitive nature of the matter.

We request the media to support us in the investigation and help it reach its logical end where justice prevails and PCB succeeds in the implementation of its zero tolerance policy against corruption in cricket. This is the first time in many years that such stringent anti corruption measures are being undertaken in the long term interest of the game. These need to be backed to the hilt by everyone in the national interest instead of picking holes and diluting the PCB's efforts to mount a strong prosecution of corrupt elements in cricket.