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Revamp plan will create hundreds of new jobs: PCB

Revamp plan will create hundreds of new jobs: PCB

It will transform Pakistan’s domestic cricket, making it truly First Class

LAHORE—May 3, 2014: The PCB has strongly denied the speculative content in a news item published in The News, Lahore today (May 2) under the title, ‘Proposed revamping of domestic cricket: Cricketers, departments concerned’.

The PCB spokesman said:

“The news item is false and misleading. And, without quoting anyone directly or indirectly either from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) or the departments, the correspondent has used the Board’s ‘proposed plan to abolish departments in its upcoming revamp of domestic structure’ as a peg.

“Since the PCB announced revamp of domestic cricket, there has been a lot of kite-flying by vested interests. The point to note is, none of those commenting on it has actually gone through the proposed plan.

“The facts are the exact opposite of what has been published.

“There is absolute consensus across the cricketing fraternity in this country about the need to revamp first class cricket. And PCB’s proposed plan intends to do just that, with the objective of turning Pakistan’s first class cricket not just in name but, as it should be, in essence first class so that it starts producing world standard talent.

“Instead of abolishing departments, the proposed plan envisages strengthening the departments by welding them together with the elected regions, to make first class cricket structure far more efficient and decentralized. With the corporate support and systems backing them, the regions as well as departments shall emerge as stronger entities.

“Instead of loss of jobs, the revamp shall create hundreds of new jobs for cricketers, as new employment opportunities as coaches and analysts with regions and departments.

“The PCB shall more than match the outlay funds that the departments spend on the regions so that our first class cricket could become more efficient and more affluent.

“In this way, the departments will actually become partners with the PCB, and the decentralization shall assist our first class cricket into becoming highly competitive.
“Through this plan there would be a sea change in the way regions are run. While the regions are democratically elected, there are instances of inefficiency and favouritism. With the departments overseeing their operations, there would be greater accountability and hence the quality of cricket and cricketers livelihood shall be quite tangibly transformed,” said the PCB spokesman.