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First Meeting of PCB Task Team on Domestic Cricket Held Today

Lahore December 21, 2011: The first meeting of PCB Task Team on Domestic Cricket was held today at Karachi under the Chairmanship of Mr. Intikhab Alam  The other members who attended were:

1 Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Member
2 Mr. Sarfraz Nawaz Member
3 Mr. Zaheer Abbas Member
4 Mr. Javed Miandad Member
5 Mr. Iqbal Qasim Member
6 Mr. Zakir Khan Director Domestic Cricket, Secretary of Committee
7 Mr. Moin Khan Could not attend the meeting as he was not present in Pakistan but he gave his input in written form


Mr. Intikhab Alam welcomed all members of the committee and invited them to give their suggestions and inputs on the current Domestic Cricket Structure. Detail input came from every single member. The members deliberated keeping every aspect of Pakistani domestic structure from club cricket to domestic tournaments considering the weaknesses and strengths the current system

The members of the team candidly discussed most of the issues related to domestic cricket and quite a few suggestions came up regarding the ways forward. All members agreed that as the domestic cricket is the breeding ground for the international cricket so its systems and structures should be strong. They stressed the need to make every possible effort to harness the talent from every part of the country.

The task team will submit its recommendations to the PCB within two months of its formulation.

The date, time and venue for the next meeting will be announced in due course.