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The PCB Officials comprising Mr. M. Zaka Ashraf, Chairman PCB and Mr. Subhan Ahmad COO PCB

Lahore December 19, 2011: The PCB Officials comprising Mr. M. Zaka Ashraf, Chairman PCB and Mr. Subhan Ahmad COO PCB, returned back to Pakistan, after attending meetings in Singapore and Bangladesh. In Singapore the PCB officials attended Asian Cricket Council’s Executive Board meeting while in Bangladesh, the PCB officials addressed a meeting of the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). Speaking to the media, Chairman PCB said “ I think our visit were fruitful in that we were able to present our view point at ACC’s forum and also strengthen our ties with BCB. There was an acknowledgement that Pakistan required support from all quarters to bring back cricket activity in the country. I was encouraged by the warmth and support that I received for Pakistan’s cause.”

The following salient features of the visits were shared with the media:

Singapore Visit- ACC Executive Board Meeting

  1. PCB officials had a opportunity to meet with representative of ACC, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore, Thailand and Oman. Unfortunately, President of BCCI could not attend therefore discussions on Pakistan/India bilateral Cricket could not be held.
  2. At the ACC, meeting, the PCB official’s highlighted the need for ACC to actively play its role in bringing cricket back to Pakistan. A number of proposals were discussed and ACC agreed to move step-by-step in revival of international cricket in Pakistan. In this regard, PCB proposed for organizing ACC meeting in Pakistan which received support from others ACC members. The Last ACC Annual General Meeting was held in Pakistan in 2008. Also, PCB proposed for scheduling the next Asia Cup (2014) in Pakistan which was in principle supported by the members subject to satisfactory security arrangements in Pakistan.
  3. PCB agreed to support the Associate member countries in their development by way of sending coaches etc., and allowing usage of the National Cricket Academy facilities to train and groom their players.
  4. ACC’s proposal of Afghanistan Cricket Board’s application to become ICC’s Associate member was strongly proposed by PCB and seconded by other members also.

Bangladesh Visit

  1. The PCB and BCB agreed to collaborate and work jointly on not only building  the partnership but also developing cricket. Chairman PCB underpinned the importance of working together and bringing the two nations more close in cricket. Both long term and short term strategies were discussed and the two Boards agreed to extend cooperation in a number of fields which broadly are:
    1. Assistance in training to Bangladesh for their Academy players to be started. This will benefit players from Bangladesh in improving their skills.
    2. Reciprocal tours between “A”, Academy and “U-19” teams.
    3. Reciprocal tours between women’s team of both countries.
    4. Partnership of organizing international cricket events in collaborations with other Cricket Boards.
  2.  Discussions were held on nominations for ICC’s President since it is PCB and BCB’s turn to jointly nominate a President. The nominated President will assume office as ICC’s Vice President at the end of ICC’s Annual Conference in 2012 and will thereafter become ICC President in 2014. PCB officials briefed the Bangladesh Board members that in October 2011 PCB has endorsed Mr. Mustafa Kamal’s nomination as the ICC President and therefore PCB felt that it was an opportune moment to formally announce the nomination in Bangladesh and in the presence of both the Chairmen and when Pakistan team was playing in Bangladesh. Thereafter both Chairmen jointly addressed a press conference in Dhaka announcing the areas of cooperation between the two Boards.
  3. BCB President confirmed that to demonstrate that they were genuinely taking steps in revival of international cricket in Pakistan, the BCB has agreed to form a security committee to visit Pakistan in January 2012 to review the security arrangements are in place prior to arrival of Bangladesh team in Pakistan. BCB further agreed that Bangladesh cricket team will visit Pakistan in April 2012 as per ICC’s Future Tours Programme.
  4. All of the above arrangements were agreed and signed between the two Boards.

PCB will now start preparations for briefing the security team of Bangladesh regarding arrangements that will be put in place for their team. In this regard, PCB will approach the government and request it to provide the security plans to the visiting Bangladesh security team in the from of presentation so that any apprehension could be addressed before Bangladesh team’s visit to Pakistan in April 2012.

Concluding, Chairman PCB said “ I think it is of paramount importance that we present our fool proof security plans to the visiting Bangladesh security team and then to implement the same. A successful tour by Bangladesh cricket team to Pakistan would mean a new beginning for international cricket in Pakistan. Obviously, this would be watched closely by other member countries and we have to demonstrate the security arrangements are of the highest standards. We enjoy cordial relations with our brotherly nation Bangladesh and i thank BCB again for their support to Pakistan at these times. With international cricket resuming in Pakistan, I am confident that this will generate economic activity in the country.”