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Faysal Bank National One day Cup (Division-I) tournament 2010-11 begins from tomorrow

Lahore January 25, 2011: Pakistan Cricket Board in partnership with Faysal Bank Limited is pleased to announce the holding of the Faysal Bank National One day Cup (Division-I) tournament 2010-11. The tournament will commence from the 26th of January with the final to be held on February 8th at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. 

The twelve teams that will participate in the tournament are the same sides that participated in the Quaid-E-Azam Trophy 2011 Division I. The teams have been divided into two pools with Karachi Dolphins, Islamabad Leopards, SNGPL, Rawalpindi Rams, HBL, and PIA making up Pool A while Sialkot Stallions, Multan Tigers, Faisalabad Wolves, NBP, ZTBL, and WAPDA are placed together in Pool B.

The twelve teams have been divided into 2 groups with six teams per group. Each team will play against its group team once with the Group winners and second place teams qualifying for the semi-finals. Six matches will be played every day at various centers around the country.

Schedule of matches and venues are follows:

Date Matches Venue Umpires Referee Scorer
26-Jan Karachi Dolphins-Islamabad Leopards Diamond Club Islamabad Anisur Rehman-Ahmed Shahab Anwar Khan Adnan Farooq
  Rawalpindi Rams-HBL Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Shakeel Khan-Ghaffar Kazmi Khalid Niazi Shakeel Ahmed
  PIA-SNGPL Marghazar Ground Islamabad Saleem Badar-Kaukab Butt Muhammad Javed Nadeem Akhtar
28-Jan Karachi Dolphins-Rawalpindi Rams Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Ahmed Shahab-Ghaffar Kazmi Ilyas Khan Shakeel Ahmed
  Islamabad Leopards-PIA Diamond Club Islamabad Saleem Badar-Anisur Rehman Muhammad Javed Adnan Farooq
  HBL-SNGPL Marghazar Ground Islamabad Shakeel Khan-K. Mahmood Sr. Anwar Khan Nadeem Akhtar
30-Jan Karachi Dolphins-HBL Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Kaukab Butt-Ahmed Shahab Muhammad Javed Shakeel Ahmed
  Islamabad Leopards-SNGPL Diamond Club Islamabad Shakeel Khan-Saleem Badar Naeem Ahmed Adnan Farooq
  Rawalpindi Rams-PIA Marghazar Ground Islamabad Ghaffar Kazmi-K. Mahmood Sr. Ilyas Khan Nadeem Akhtar
1-Feb Karachi Dolphins-PIA Marghazar Ground Islamabad Nadeem Ghouri-Jamil Kamran Muhammad Javed Aamer Khan
  Islamabad Leopards-HBL Diamond Club Islamabad Ahmed Shahab-K. Mahmood Sr. Naeem Ahmed Adnan Farooq
  Rawalpindi Rams-SNGPL Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Shakeel Khan-Saleem Badar Azizur Rehman Shakeel Ahmed
3-Feb Karachi Dolphins-SNGPL Marghazar Ground Islamabad Nadeem Ghouri-Iqbal Butt Azizur Rehman Aamer Khan
  Rawalpindi Rams-Islamabad Leopards Diamond Club Islamabad Jamil Kamran-K. Mahmood Sr. Ishtiaq Ahmed Adnan Farooq
  PIA-HBL Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi Zameer Haider-Tahir Hussain Khateeb Rizwan Shakeel Ahmed
Date Matches Venue Umpires Referee Scorer
26-Jan Sialkot Stallions-Multan Tigers Jinnah Stadium Sialkot Tahir Hussain-Ijaz Ahmed Muhammad Anees Farrukh Ilyas
  Faisalabad Wolves-NBP Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad Shozab Raza-Kamal Marchant Mussaddaque Rasool Tahir Suhaib
  ZTBL-WAPDA Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Nadeem Ghouri-Qaisar Waheed Saadat Ali Abdul Hameed
28-Jan Faisalabad Wolves-Sialkot Stallions Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad Riazuddin-Kamal Marchant Nadeem Arshad Tahir Suhaib
  Multan Tigers-ZTBL LCCA Ground Lahore Zamir Haider-Ihtshamul Haq Azizur Rehman Azhar Hussain
  NBP-WAPDA Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Nadeem Ghouri-Ahsan Raza Muhammad Anees Masood Ahmed
30-Jan Sialkot Stallions-NBP Jinnah Stadium Sialkot Riazuddin-Zameer Haider Mussaddaque Rasool Farrukh Ilyas
  Multan Tigers-WAPDA LCCA Ground Lahore Anisur Rehman-Akram Raza Azizur Rehman Najamus Saeed
  Faisalabad Wolves-ZTBL Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad Ahsan Raza-Tahir Hussain Muhammad Anees Noor Nabi
1-Feb Sialkot Stallions-ZTBL Jinnah Stadium Sialkot Rasheed Bhatti-Riazuddin Ishtiaq Ahmed Farrukh Ilyas
  Multan Tigers-NBP Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Zameer Haider-Ahsan Raza Parvaiz Akhtar Abdul Hameed
  Faisalabad Wolves-WAPDA Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad Tahir Hussain-Shozab Raza Mussaddaque Rasool Noor Nabi
3-Feb Sialkot Stallions-WAPDA Jinnah Stadium Sialkot Riazuddin-Ghaffar Kazmi Khalid Niazi Farrukh Ilyas
  Multan Tigers-Faisalabad Wolves Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad Akram Raza-Anisur Rehman Mussaddaque Rasool Tahir Suhaib
  NBP-ZTBL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Rasheed Bhatti-Ahsan Raza Muhammad Anees Masood Ahmed
Semi Finals
6-Feb Winner of Group(A) Vs Runner up of Group(B) Pindi Stadium Rawalpindi     Shakeel Ahmed
6-Feb Winner of Group(B) Vs Runner up of Group(A) Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad     Tahir Suhaib
8-Feb FINAL Gaddafi Stadium Lahore     Najamus Saeed