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HBL PSL 2020 Player Draft first round pick order to be determined on Sunday

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Karachi, 2 November 2019 HBL Pakistan Super League Player Draft first round pick order for the 2020 season will be determined at the Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore on Sunday.

Representatives of the six HBL PSL franchises and PCB senior management will gather at the headquarters of Pakistan cricket to determine the pick order of the first round of the HBL PSL 2020 Player Draft.  

The event will include a panel discussion and the draw. The first picks will be revealed through the depiction of an age-old street cricket tradition involving the cricket bat at the Gaddafi Stadium outfield.

The cricket bat pick order method is often used for determining the batting turns in single-wicket cricket across Pakistan. It also works as an alternate to the coin-toss to start a match. The cricket bat pick order method has become an integral part of Pakistan cricket folklore and is commonly used across the country in hundreds and thousands of tennis and tape-ball cricket matches each day of the week.

Once the pick order for the first round is determined, a specially-designed statistical model will be used to decide the pick order for the remaining 17 rounds of the Draft. This order will be generated and released on Monday, 4 November.

This year’s HBL PSL Player Draft pick order will be randomised in line with a 2018 PSL Governing Council decision of applying this rule from the 2020 season onwards.

Once the full pick order is released, the transfer and retention window for HBL PSL 2020 will officially open. As part of this year’s Draft policy, each team can retain up to eight players before the Draft.

The HBL PSL 2020 will be staged in Pakistan with action set to start in February 2020.

Notes to the Editors:

  • YouTube live-stream link will be shared with media prior to the event at 18:15 Hrs. The HD link can be used by any media channel/facility.