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HBL PSL 7 set to bring fans enhanced game and player statistics through partnership with TVCONAL

Karachi, 24 February 2022: The Pakistan Cricket Board has agreed today on a partnership with Television Content Analytics (TVCONAL), the global artificial intelligence and machine learning company, to provide world-class game and player analytics to be incorporated into every live match of the HBL PSL 2022.

TVCONAL will be providing novel analytics and deep insights into the game ranging from predictive analytics on the game outcomes to individual player’s performance metrics, the chance of a wicket based on past games played under the same conditions, and player evaluation indexing to delve into whether a certain player has over or underperformed.

Recognising the role that performance data and statistics play for superfans and new fans alike, the incorporation of these insights into the live coverage will enable deeper storytelling as the game unfolds and will provide context for newer fans in cricket.

Novel data points are collected from the content using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning models developed by TVCONAL. These data points will be updated on a ball-by-ball level to provide the very best details of every delivery.

PCB Chief Operating Officer Salman Naseer: “We are striving hard to improve the experience of fans following the HBL PSL 7 in their TV lounges. In this regard, the partnership with TVCONAL will go a long way in improving and enhancing the fan experience.

“Through TVCONAL, the fans will get advanced and better insight into the players statistics and match situations, which will keep them connected and involved in the tournament that will in turn result in engaging debate and discussions over the social media platforms.”

Managing Director, TVCONAL, Dr. Masoumeh Izadi: “We are excited to bring fans new insights and enhanced player and game istatistics on PSL, Pakistan’s most loved sport and league. We are looking forward to picking out the most interesting data points and entertaining fans through deep analytics and storytelling.

“This association is a real step forward for us as we know the population of Pakistan love cricket and we can’t wait to showcase what we do to fans in the region and also a worldwide audience.”