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Press Release from Anti Corruption Tribunal - Shahzaib Hasan

Lahore April 21, 2017: The Anti-Corruption Tribunal held its preliminary hearing today at the National Cricket Academy, Lahore and the following were in attendance:

1. Jus. (R) Asghar Haider (Chairman)

2. Lt. Gen. (R) Tauqir Zia (Member)

3. Mr. Wasim Bari (Member)

4. Mr. Shahzaib Hasan, along with Mr. Barrister Malik Kashif Rajwana, Advocate

5. Mr. Taffazul Rizvi and Haider Ali Khan, Advocates for PCB

6. Col. (R) Mohammad Azam Khan, Head of PCB’s Vigilance and Security Department

Shahzaib Hasan cricketer has been charged with breaches of Articles 2.1.4; 2.4.4; and 2.4.5 of the PCB Anti-Corruption Code for Participants 2015.

The Tribunal in consultation with both parties agreed upon the procedure and timelines to be adopted under the Anti-Corruption Code. PCB shall submit its opening brief detailing its claims along with the evidence to be relied on  4th May 2017.

Shahzaib Hasan shall be provided an opportunity to respond by 18th May 2017 and PCB may, at its discretion, file a rebuttal by 25th May 2017. The Final Hearing shall commence from 1st June 2017 on a day to day basis.

Since under the PCB’s Anti-Corruption Code the proceedings are required to be kept confidential, no further comments will be made by any party on the merits of the case.