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Lahore 3 NOVEMBER,2011: Spokesman PCB, Nadeem Sarwar today made the following statement to the media with reference to the conviction of 3 Pakistani cricketers in Southward Crown Court in London.

“The conviction and sentencing of some Pakistani test players is a sad day for Pakistan cricket. Instead of having pride in playing for their country, these players chose to disappoint their supporters, damage the image of their country and bring the noble game of cricket into disrepute. There is little sympathy in Pakistan for the sorry pass they have come to.

“PCB is determined to ensure that any form of corrupt behavior from Pakistan cricket is stamped out. To do this following steps are being undertaken:

1.   Training courses under PCB education program would be upgraded for all players and particularly younger entrants into international cricket to
      inform them of the law and spirit of the game, theinducements that may be offered to them by unscrupulous elements, and the pitfalls associated
       with deviant behavior.
2.   Strict vigilance protocols to be introduced to monitor the game, devise appropriate rules and procedures of conduct, and keep away
       bad elements always on the lookout to trap players.
3.   The code of conduct and the parameters of registering and approving anyone desirous of being an agent of the players will be reviewed
       and strengthened further. No unauthorized hiring of agents would be permitted.
4.   A recommendation would be made to the government to consider passing a law in the parliament making corruption in sports a criminal
       offence. This would not only be deterrence, but also allow proper prosecution and punishment for criminal behavior.

“These are just some of the measures being contemplated by the PCB. More would follow as and when the need arises. Ridding Pakistan cricket of any possible corrupt behavior will remain a high priority for the PCB.

“PCB will also work closely with the ICC and its member Boards in ensuring that the game of cricket globally is made totally free from the taint of corruption.