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PCB Strongly Contradicts Assertion that PCB did not educate Players on Anti Corruption Codes

Lahore 4 November, 2011:    A section of the Media has reported a purported statement of Mohammad Amir in which he has claimed that PCB did not educate him relating to anti corruption codes that Players are to abide on. PCB would like it known for the record that this claim is in total contradiction to the facts.

In March 2010 Amir signed the Code of Conduct for players when he was issued his Central Contract. The code of conduct clearly states that by signing the same the player commits to abiding by all ICC rules regarding betting, match fixing, corruption, and any matter that could call into question the integrity of the game. Amir acknowledged that he understood the code and his responsibilities under the same. Amir also committed that he would abide by these rules and any others formulated in this regard.

In addition to the above the ICC Code of Conduct is an integral part of the Players Central Contract. Numerous clauses of the Central Contract clearly state the player’s responsibilities under the codes and the need to avoid any conduct that could be against the spirit of the game. It may be noted that players are given Urdu translations of the Central Contract along with the English version when signing the same.

Furthermore Amir participated in a number of ICC tournaments including the U-19 World Cup and two T20 world cups where he attended anti corruption lectures. Before any International tour, of which Amir was a part of as well, the team management gives a number of lectures to the players warning them of the dangers of associating with strangers.

PCB hopes that certain section of the Media will not participate in the baseless and unfound reporting that harms Pakistan Cricket’s image.