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Gulberg College's Ameer Hamza registers a four-wicket haul on day 11 of Inter-College Ramadan T20 Cup

Lahore, 2 April 2024: Five matches were held across four venues in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad on the 11th day of the Inter-College Ramadan T20 Cup.


Gulberg College won by seven wickets in their match against Superior College at the LCCA Ground in Lahore. Nouman high-scored with an unbeaten 42 off 47 (2x4s, 1x6) which was followed by Ahmer Muneer’s unbeaten 28 off 15 (4x4s, 1x6) as the side completed the target in 18.3 overs. Earlier, Gulberg College succeeded in restricting Superior College to 112-8. Gulberg College’s Ameer Hamza bagged a four-wicket haul.


At the Eid Gah Stadium in Karachi, Government Jinnah College won by nine wickets against Government College for Men. Government Jinnah’s Ghulam Ashraf led his side with an unbeaten half-century (53 not out, 35b,9x4s, 1x6) which was complimented by Rizwan Khan’s unbeaten 48 off 42 (6x4s, 1x6) as the side completed the target in 14.2 overs. Earlier, Jinnah Government bowlers restricted Government College for Men at 119-9 with Mohammad Dawood bagging a three-wicket haul and Naeem Gul and Ghous Ibrahim Shah returning with two wickets each.

Government College 36-B Landhi defeated Government Pak Shipowner College by 24 runs at the IBA Cricket Ground in Karachi. Government College’s Sufiyan scored an unbeaten half-century (56 not out, 53b,1x4, 1x6) while Mohammad Shamir Khan scored an unbeaten 36 off 34 (2x4, 1x6) to help the team put up 136-2 in 20 overs. Government College bowlers subsequently managed to restrict Government Pak Shipowners College to 112-7 asMohammad Qasim claimed a three-wicket haul.


Beaconhouse I-8 defeated IMCB F-7/3 by 92 runs at Miusam Cricket Ground. Beaconhouse I-8’s Sudais Ulfat high-scored with an impressive 85 off 55 (6x4s, 4x4s). His efforts were supportd by Mohammad Azfar Mirza’s 41 off 34 (2x4s, 1x6) as the side finished at 172-5. The second innings saw Beaconhouse I-8 bowlers bundle over IMCB F-7/3 for just 80 runs in 19 overs. Syed Anzal ur Rehman, Zalan Nasir and Mohammad Azfar claimed two wickets while all other Beaconhouse I-8 bowlers returned with a wicket each.

At the same venue, Westminster defeated IMCB Chakshahzad by 12 runs. Westminster’s Ahmed Arif Khan high-scored with 77 off 51 (11x4s, 2x6s). He was followed closely by Awais Ullah who scored an unbeaten 75 off 53 (11x4s, 1x6s), taking the first innings total to 190-6 in 20 overs. In turn, Hassan Abdullah Ghuman claimed a three-wicket haul while Wahaj ul Arifeen bagged two wickets at the expense of 16 runs as IMCB Chakshahzad were restricted to 178-6 in 20 overs Mohammad Talha’s all-round performance, returning with three wickets in the first innings and 87 runs off 58 in the second, went in vain.

Scores in Brief


Gulberg College beat Superior College by seven wickets

Superior College 112-8, 20 overs (Sarfaraz Riasat 35, Muzammil Hassan 30; Ameer Hamza 4-15) Gulberg College 116-3, 18.3 overs (Nouman 42 not out, Ahmar Muneer 28 not out;Mohammad Junaid 2-11)

Player of the match – Ameer Hamza (Gulberg College)


Government Jinnah College beat Government College for Men by nine wickets

Government College for Men 119-9, 20 overs (Rohail Nisar 39, Mohammad Ali Rehman 22; Mohamad Dawood 3-14, Ghous Ibrahim Shah 2-12, Naeem Gul 2-33)

Government Jinnah College 123-1, 14.2 overs (Ghulam Ashraf 53 not out, Rizwan Khan 48 not out; Rohail Nasir 1-20)

Player of the match – Ghulam Ashraf (Jinnah College)

Government College 36-B Landhi beat Government Pak Shipowner College by 24 runs

Government College 36-B Landhi 136-2, 20 overs (Sufiyan 56 not out, Mohammad Shamir Khan 36 not out; Noor Zaman 1-17, Mohammad Yaseen Adil 1-18)

Government Pak Shipowner College 112-7, 20 overs (Noor Zaman 30, Abdul Rafay ul Haq 24; Mohammad Qasim 3-19) Player of the match – Sufiyan (Government College 36-B Landhi)


Beaconhouse I-8 beat IMCB F-7/3 by 82 runs

Beaconhouse I-8 172-5, 20 overs (Sudais Ulfat 85 not out, Mohammad Afzar Mirza 41; Abdul Moiz 1-21, Mohammad Ali Khan 1-32, Awais Ahmed Noor 1-37) IMCB F-7/3 80 all out, 19 overs (Mohammad Saim 14, Mohammad Rafay Jawad 11; Syed Anzal ur Rehman 2-2, Zalan Nasir 2-4, Mohammad Azfar Mirza 2-15)

Player of the match – Sudais Ulfat (Beaconhouse I-8)

Westminster beat IMCB Chakshahzad by 12 runs

Westminster 190-6, 20 overs (Ahmed Arif Khan 77, Awais Ullah 75 not out; Mohammad Talha 3-25)

IMCB-Chakshahazad 178-6, 20 overs (Mohammad Talha 87, Mohammad Asif 33; Hassan Abdullah Ghumman 3-26, Wahaj ul Arifeen 2-16) Player of the match – Awais Ullah, Ahmed Arif Khan (Westminster)