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Islamabad batting stuns on the second day of play of round two of the Hanif Mohammad Trophy

Lahore, 17 September 2023: Islamabad’s Faizan Riaz, who got an unbeaten 116, became the third centurion of the side in the innings, on the second day of play in the match against Larkana. Rizwan Mehmood, playing for Hyderabad, got a century to his name as well.

Hyderabad v DM Jamali

Hyderabad started the second day 38-1, trailing by 233 runs. Batting throughout the day, they were able to bring themselves ahead of the opposition.

A magnificent 138 by Rizwan Mehmood, coupled with solid innings from both Ali Ahsan and Daniyal Hussain Rajput helped Hyderabad catch the lead in the first innings.

DM Jamali bowlers had little success during the day, getting just five wickets, as the opposition’s scorecard kept trickling higher.

Hyderabad ended the day at 338-5, leading by 68 runs with five wickets in hand and Daniyal set on the crease with an unbeaten 85.

Islamabad v Larkana

Islamabad started the second day on 238 at the loss of three wickets with Rohail Nazir and Sarmad Bhatti on the crease.

After Rohail lost his wicket, an unbeaten century by Faizan Riaz, as well as a solid 82 from Sarmad helped Islamabad get to a mammoth total of 459, at the expense of just six wickets, after which they declared the innings and invited Larkana to bat.

Intimidated by the gigantic ask in the first innings, Larkana batters faltered at the start with the side losing four wickets in the day, without having any set partnerships in the innings thus far.

They ended the day on just 59, at the loss of 4 important wickets.

Karachi Blues v Abbottabad

Resuming from the challenging position they had ended the first day in, Abbottabad stood at 46-7 at the start of the second day.

They scraped to 103 before they were bowled out by the opposition. Khayyam Khan’s 27 was the highest score for the side.

Karachi, leading by 69 runs, began their second innings. Despite losing one opener early, they did not falter. Although no batter stuck on the crease for two long, contribution of 20s and 30s kept the scorecard moving.

They ended the day at 190-7, leading by over 259 runs.

AJK v Quetta

Quetta started their day at 105-2 after batting for just 25 overs the previous day due to a rain-shortened day of play. Abdul Wahid Bangalzai’s 61, complemented by scores of 20s and 30s by the rest of the line-up, helped the side get to 213 before they were bowled out.

AJK bowlers displayed a collective effort; Rohaan Qadri got wickets, while Faizan Saleem, Raja Mohammad Shahzad and Naveed Malik got two each.

Trailing by 213, AJK’s batting had an average start, with the top three getting out without making much of a mark. They ended the day at 60-3.

Scores in brief

Hyderabad v DM Jamali

1st Innings

DM Jamali: 270 all out in 69.1 overs (Nasir Khan 82; Majid Asghar 4-42, Mustafa Nasir 2-50, Mohammad Asad Malik 2-51, Jawad Ali 2-98)

Hyderabad: 338-5 in 106 overs (Rizwan Mehmood 138, Daniyal Hussain Rajput 85*; Nasir Khan2-59, Abu Huraira 2-79)

Islamabad v Larkana

1st Innings

Islamabad: 459-6 in 105 overs (Faizan Riaz 116*, Ali Imran 107, Syed Khizer Shah 105, Sarmad Bhatti 82; Asif Ali Jr 1-39, Mushtaq Ahmed Kolhoro 3-86, Aamir Ali Taheem 1-95, Asif Ali 1-98, Ali Asghar 1-101)

Larkana: 59-4 in 26.2 overs (Israr ul Haq 27*; Mohammad Musa 2-27, Ali Imran 1-1, Mohammad Arham 1-23). 

Karachi Blues v Abbottabad

1st Innings

Karachi Blues: 172 all out in 71 overs (Saifullah Bangash 84*, Imran Shah 23; Adil Naz 4-28, Israr Hussain 4-38)

Abbottabad: 103 all out 41.4 overs (Khayyam Khan 27; Saqib 6-35)

2nd Innings

Karachi Blues: 190-7 in 63 overs (Imran Shah 35, Hasan Mohsin 31; Aitizaz Habib Khan 2-23, Adil Naz 2-49, Israr Hussain 2-49)

AJK v Quetta

1st Innings

Quetta 213 all out in 70.2 overs (Abdul Wahid Bangalzai 61, Latif Ullah 30; Rohaan Qadri 3-29, Faizan Saleem 2-29, Naveed Malik 2-33, Raja Mohammad Shahzad 2-42).

AJK: 60-3 in 26 overs (Mohammad Haider 27*; Mohammad Idrees 2-16)