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About NHPC

Producing World Class Cricketers

Team building is a much more thorough and painstaking process than it seems. Some of the prerequisites in this post modern era are back-ups and systems through which the young talent is groomed and equipped for international challenges over the years.

In the last three years PCB geared up towards enhancing the levels of excellence – in all spheres especially towards the development of infrastructure and establishment of NHPC. The New Domestic Structure too is another step in that direction. We are quite optimistic that these steps would famously serve Pakistan Cricket in years to come.

Under the auspices of the Pakistan Cricket Board, PCB Cricket Coaching Academies are premiere facilities, which welcome gifted player from the regional, national as well as international cricket arenas, aimed directly at cricketers interested in furthering their professional acumen and learning from the best in the world (Pakistan’s own Ex-National Team Stars).

The new complex of National High Performance Centre contains all the modern facilities and reflects the Pakistani Architecture. National High Performance Centre (NHPC) offers its entrants a unique combination of the most refined and effective coaching skill development programs found anywhere in the world today.

National High Performance Centre will also act as a finishing school for Pakistan “A” and various segments like U-15, U-17, U-19 that form part of this academy.

NHPC Management

  • Nadeem Khan
    Director – High Performance
  • Saqlain Mushtaq
    Head of International Player Development

  • Mohammad Yousuf
    Batting coach

  • Mushtaq Ahmed
    Spin bowling consultant

Cricket Association coaches (2021-22 domestic season)

  • Balochistan
    First XI –
    Faisal Iqbal (head coach), To be appointed (assistant coach), Hussain Khosa (fielding coach)
    Second XI – Habib Baloch (head coach), Shoaib Khan (assistant coach)
    U19 Red – Aslam Sheikh (head coach), Mazhar Deenari (assistant coach)
    U19 Blue – Hussain Khosa (head coach), Aqil Baloch (assistant coach)
    U16 Red – Raj Hans (head coach), Sher Hassan Jogazai (assistant coach)
    U16 Blue – Shoaib Khan (head coach), Qamar din (assistant coach)
    U13 – Aman ullah Dehpal (head coach), Barkat Ali (assistant coach)
  • Central Punjab
    First XI –
    Abdul Razzaq (head coach), Akram Raza (assistant coach), Humayun Farhat (fielding coach)
    Second XI – Wasim Haider (head coach), Aamir Sajjad (assistant coach)
    U19 Red – Humayun Farhat (head coach), Khurram Shehzad (assistant coach)
    U19 Blue – Muhammad Ashraf (head coach), Ashraf Ali (assistant coach)
    U16 Red – Muhammad Ashraf (head coach), Intikhab Alam (assistant coach)
    U16 Blue – Humayun Farhat (head coach), Mansoor Amjad (assistant coach)
    U13 – Khurram Shehzad (head coach), Faisal Khan (assistant coach)
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
    First XI –
    Abdul Rehman (head coach), Riffatullah Mohmand (assistant coach), Muhammad Siddiq (fielding coach)
    Second XI – Aftab Khan (head coach), Muhammad Aslam Qureshi (assistant coach)
    U19 Red – Saqib Faqir (head coach), Muhammad Siddiq (assistant coach)
    U19 Blue – Sajid Shah (head coach), Shoaib Khan (assistant coach)
    U16 Red – Muhammad Siddiq (head coach), Saqib Faqir (assistant coach)
    U16 Blue – Jamaluddin (head coach), Waqar Ahmed (assistant coach)
    U13 – Waqar Ahmed (head coach), Ahmed Said (assistant coach)
  • Northern
    First XI – Ijaz Ahmed Jnr (head coach), Sami Ullah Niazi (assistant coach), Fahad Akram (fielding coach)
    Second XI – Fahad Masood (head coach), Afaq Raheem (assistant coach)
    U19 Red – Hafiz Majeed (head coach), Fahad Akram (assistant coach)
    U19 Blue – Kamran Khan (head coach), Jawad Hameed Haq (assistant coach)
    U16 Red – Saeed Anwar Jnr (head coach), Tahir Mehmood (assistant coach)
    U16 Blue – Raheel Majeed (head coach), Hafiz Majeed (assistant coach)
    U13 – Mujahid Hameed (head coach), Haseeb Azam (assistant coach)
  • Sindh
    First XI – Basit Ali (head coach), Mohammad Masroor (assistant coach), Hanif Malik (fielding coach)
    Second XI – Ghulam Ali Ansari (head coach), Zafar Iqbal (assistant coach)
    U19 Red – Azam Khan (head coach), Hanif Malik (assistant coach)
    U19 Blue – Tahir Mehmood (head coach), Syed Mohtashim Ali (assistant coach)
    U16 Red – Zafar Iqbal (head coach), Asim Rizvi (assistant coach)
    U16 Blue – Saeed Bin Nasir (head coach), Naeem Tayyeb (assistant coach)
    U13 – Rizwan Qureshi (head coach), Abid Ali Qureshi (assistant coach)
  • Southern Punjab
    First XI –
    Shahid Anwar (head coach), Aizaz Cheema (assistant coach), Irfan Fazil (fielding coach)
    Second XI – Syed Iqbal Imam (head coach), Zahoor Elahi (assistant coach)
    U19 Red – Bilal Ahmed (head coach), Azhar Shafiq (assistant coach)
    U19 Blue – To be appointed (head coach), Irfan Fazil (assistant coach)
    U16 Red – Zulfiqar Babar (head coach), Rehan Rafiq (assistant coach)
    U16 Blue – To be appointed (head coach), Bilal Ahmed (assistant coach)
    U13 – Masood Anwar (head coach), Aamer Atta (assistant coach)

Vision Statement

National High Performance Centre envisions to act as an educational institution and a nursery to effectively tap and groom the young talent for the future. To have cricketers who right at the starting point of their career are aware of not just delicacy and refinement of the game but have the most modern outlook too.

National High Performance Centre is committed to make them strong, to think and act like leaders and to equip them with self-confidence in the face of adversity, on the field of play and off it.

Mission Statement

To produce quality players and meet the current and future challenges of international cricket, National High Performance Centre will act as a state of the art workshop and nursery to enhance performance levels by producing well-talented cricketer’s with well-rounded personalities.

This will be achieved by:

  • Enhancing the skill set, consistency and qualities of leadership & team building.
  • Using scientific methods and techniques and providing all necessary facilities.
  • Careful planning & analysis of systems for continual improvement.
  • Efficient and effective utilization of resources.


  • To introduce a system that would raise the standard of cricket in the country.
  • To continuously produce well-talented and well-rounded cricketers.
  • To maintain and provide all the most modern and latest material and human resources at all times.


  • To become the leading cricket academy in the world.
  • To produce atleast one international player out of every 50 trainees.