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Match referee's comment on technology freeze

  • Urdu version of the media release is attached here

Karachi, 23 February 2020: Match referee Roshan Mahanama has clarified Quetta Gladiators had retained the review after ultra-edge technology was not available for their referral against Karachi Kings’ Babar Azam during the sixth match of the HBL Pakistan Super League 2020 at the National Stadium on Sunday.

Mr Mahanama said: “It must be remembered that there needs to be conclusive evidence for the TV umpire to inform the on-field umpire to over-turn the decision as the DRS has been designed to eliminate the obvious umpiring errors.

“In this case, ultra-edge technology was not available. This means according to 3.3.7 of the playing conditions, the third umpire informed the on-field umpire of the technology’s failure and shared with him whatever factual information he had from the available resources. Based on this, the on-field umpire upheld his original decision.

“I subsequently exercised the powers vested in me as per 3.6.8 of the playing conditions and allowed Quetta Gladiators to retain the review as their review couldn’t be completed due to the failure of the technology.”

Notes to Editors:

The two articles quoted above read as:

3.3.7    In circumstances where the television technology (all or parts thereof) is not available to the third umpire or fails for whatever reason, the third umpire shall advise the on-field umpire of this fact but still provide any relevant factual information that may be ascertained from the available television replays and other technology.

3.6.8   A Player Review categorised as ‘Unsuccessful’ may be reinstated by the PSL Match Referee at his/her sole discretion (if appropriate after consultation with the television broadcast director) if the Player Review could not properly be concluded due to a failure of the technology. Any such decision shall be final and shall be taken as soon as possible, being communicated to both teams once all the relevant facts have been ascertained by the PSL Match Referee. A Player Review categorised as ‘Unsuccessful’ shall not be reinstated if, despite any technical failures, the correct decision could still have been made using the other available technology. Similarly, a Player Review categorised as ‘Unsuccessful’ shall not be reinstated where the technology worked as intended, but the evidence gleaned from its use was inconclusive.

HBL PSL 2020 playing conditions are available here.