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Afridi thanks 5-year-old supporter

KARACHI - On the night when Pakistan lost the Cricket World Cup semi-finals against India, the whole nation was feeling down. People were seen going home still wearing the green T-shirts, with their faces painted and green bandanas still on, but no one was smiling. Their morale was down.

But, there was one little boy in Karachi, who was so moved by watching people’s passion fading away, he decided to do something about it. He thought of the perfect plan to help Afridi (and the fans) feel better.

This boy forced his mother to buy candies and started giving them out to people on the streets only if they said “well played Pakistan” at the top of their voice.

Suddenly, many people joined in his efforts and found peace and happiness in the act. In no time, a lot of people were, once again, cheering for Team – Arfidi in spite of the defeat in the game. The trend caught on in just a few hours and by next morning, the whole nation was also in a positive frame of mind.

His mother wrote a blog about this story on the internet, http://anilaweldon.blogspot.com/ where it was shared by many and caught on like wild-fire.